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Posted Friday, May 14th, 2010. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

If you go to one of my earlier blogs I had an author, Daylle Deanna Schwartz, write an article last year about Girls Should Wanna Have Fun. In the article she talked about how boys just run free and laugh and have fun, but girls contain themselves like we are not supposed to let loose and have fun.

This behaviour gets carried through into adulthood. We need to be the responsible ones, often if there are children involved.

I was on the phone the other day with a friend of mine and she was telling me a story about her teenage son. She said he looked at her and said, “I’m glad that I am a teenager”. When she asked “why” he said that he has so much more fun than adults — they forget how to have fun.

He is SOOOOO right. We become so entrenched in our day to day stuff: family, work, errands, etc. that we forget to STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES. We are so busy running to DO that we forget to BE. To laugh, smile and have fun. I have some friends that to make plans with them you need to book months in advance. It is crazy. There is no spontaneity or very little. I have also sat with people and they tell me that they prefer to be contained in a small area – they never go north of here, south of there, east of here and/or west of there. I know it is judging of me and I truly do try to accept everyone for who they are — I am just dumbfounded. I live in Toronto, Canada a city that has more than 60 languages spoken; people with different cultures and backgrounds. I love that I can venture into little Italy, the Greek area, go to China town, get lost in the green areas or be in the heart of the city. I love to explore. This city is fun you just need to be open to it and embrace it.

HOW TO BE BRING MORE FUN INTO OUR LIVES? Be in the moment and enjoy. Call a friend who you love to spend time with and go and have lunch or do something that you both love to do. Bring out the little girl in you — a time when time moved slowly and you were carefree. I also find hanging out with my sons is great. They bring out the fun and child side of me. My little one especially makes me laugh. Even riding my bike with him makes me laugh for he is just learning to ride and to watch this wobbly boy ride his bike while yelling down the street to pedestrians, “watch out” just brings a smile to my face.

Let go of your worries, be in the moment. I encourage you to bring more fun into your life. I tell all my woman friends that the way I stay looking so young is to let the worry go and just relax – laughing and smiling helps.

Have a wonderful weekend and put away the work and do something fun. BE A CHILD AGAIN EVEN IF FOR A MOMENT.

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