Let’s welcome in the summer solstice

Posted Friday, June 22nd, 2012. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

It is officially summer. The time has flown and the longest day of the year (for us in the northern hemisphere) has come and gone. The weather has been extraordinarily hot and I cannot wait for the kids to finish school.

Summer is a time to slow it down a bit. I am looking forward to enjoying this summer with my children and boyfriend and his daughter. They kids will be away a lot of it though.

What has come across clearer than ever is being in the moment. This year has brought much change, challenges, surprises and good things. It has also brought delays and the needs to stand firm on truth… not just for me but for everyone around me.

Time.. is our gift. While spiritually there is no such thing as time as we are multidimensional living in past, present and future all at once, physically as humans we still think of time.

Rather than focussing on the delays and what hasn’t happened I choose to focus on what is, what has been accomplished and enjoy the moment and time. By letting go of what hasn’t happened yet and still to deal with, I am trusting that the Universe will unfold what is meant to be in time.

I feel that by making this choice I have lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I have a few big challenges ahead of me however by being in the moment, standing firm on my worth (and that of my children) I will be able to deal with what is facing me. I want to come from a place of calm, groundedness, and my power.

So as schools are being let out, the sun is shining, and the days are long, enjoy this time. We can slow it down while still manifesting our dreams. That’s just what I intend to do!

I want to officially welcome in the summer and ask everyone to sit back this weekend, take a deep breathe and enjoy the first weekend of summer.

All my love,


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