Letting Go… It’s tougher than I thought

Posted Thursday, February 21st, 2013. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

My intention for 2013 is about letting go and trusting. It sounds good and it is something that I am determined to do. The real issue is that letting go, surrendering means trusting completely and letting go of my control of the situation. The irony is that I really do not have any control. It is an illusion that we, who like control, believe. The situation will unfold as it is meant to. Yes, we can orchestrate things, and do all that is within our power and then we must let go. In fact, sometimes pushing too much one way (my way or for you, your way) can counter the results. You can lead the horse to water and then the person must drink themselves.

I can say that I have taken baby steps on letting go and trusting. I know it is the path I want to and will take. Even that little bit of stepping back has made a difference. I have also seen it with others who are employing the same strategy. By doing so, setting our clear intentions, putting things in place as much as we can and TRUSTING in our guardian angels and the universe, I am seeing small results.

This has definitely been one of the greatest challenges for me for I have been brought and taught how to “control” things. I realize now that letting go is really being in control. It doesn’t mean I sit around doing nothing. No quite the opposite. Rather, I clearly set my intentions, do what I can and then let it go.

I have also seen this in other areas of my life. I realized after reading a great article about moving from “child behaviour” to adulthood, taking responsibility, that my past has been about someone else giving me money – like a child receiving an allowance – and that as an adult I am in control of my worth and abundance and earning. By letting go of my beliefs and behaviour I have let go of the “lack” and taken control and a more mature role about receiving.

It is divine timing now that my first book has been handed to the editor. My next steps are to create a marketing, PR and social media plan to raise awareness of my youth-driven book, the youth crisis that is looming and raise funds to bring this book to the market. I will share more in a few weeks.

I am “letting go, letting GOD”.

This weekend I want you to think about what you are trying to control. Step back and ask yourself, “Are you being successful and achieving the results you want? Is it short-lived? Can you do all that you can and then let go of the outcome?” If you are trying to persuade someone else to do something, stop. You will NOT be successful. You can guide, teach and encourage someone to act HOWEVER the choice to ultimately do so is up to the person.

Let go and allow the person to do their work. They may fall down or even fail. So what. Support and encourage them and guide them how they might consider another option. Again, the choice and action is up to the actual person. You are only responsible for yourself. This is even true of those you love the most. We want to make sure our lives are perfect. Well, guess what look around it is exactly where it is meant to be. Be grateful of all the good that is in your life. I know I am.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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