IN MY WORK… I have had two clients, one in their later 30s at the time and another in their early 20s and in both cases there was a loss that they never we able to grieve.

The Death of a Sister:  In the first instance this woman lost her sister when she was 9 years old I believe. The sister was slightly older, maybe 11 years old.  She had an asthma attack and things went wrong and she died.  This client never got to say goodbye and when the parents returned home from the hospital and dealing with this, nothing was ever discussed about the incident.

It was in a session doing body work that she came to this realization… SHE NEVER GRIEVED THE DEATH OF HER SISTER.  She not only wanted to yet she needed to in order to honour her emotion: grief, sadness, anger, frustration, love or whatever emotion(s) she buried for so long.  By honouring our emotion we do not hide it, “forget” about it, ignore it, push it aside WE DEAL WITH IT  and as such move through it and then RELEASE IT.  This allows us to move forward in our lives.

The Loss of a Marriage:  When parents separate and divorce it is not only the adults who need to mourn the loss of the marriage however the children as well.  My children did not exhibit the same feelings in the same way I did. Their anger came out about 2 years into the separation.  With professional guidance from many – agencies, therapists, etc., my ex and I were given the tools to deal with it.  The younger client in her 20s during a body energy session realized that she never cried about the loss of her parents marriage. Did it sit with her? Yes, all the time.  It is baby steps and for the first time she did cry.

GOING DOWN THE PATH OF GRIEVING If you choose to go down this path — it may mean taking baby steps.  You may have to go in deep to really discover the emotions that you have surpressed for so long.  Don’t be hard on yourself rather enjoy the journey of awareness, forgiveness of self and others, releasing and letting go and surrendering this to the universe.


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