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Posted Friday, August 14th, 2015. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

I went on holiday for the week and then was so busy I didn’t get to last week’s posting so I will write on the topic of Taking a Holiday is a Must and continue on that the summer is still going!

You hear about people working so hard, being so busy that they do not take their full holiday time or carry them forward into the next year, if they are allowed. I think if you spoke to someone who did that year in and year out and then all of a sudden found themselves being laid off or made redundant (no job) or even worse, found themselves in poor health, they realize what a mistake that is.

Due to circumstances in my life I was unable to take a holiday or break from life for what seems forever, likely it was over a year. The last two years of my life were challenging and I had much stress. This summer I found myself away from everything and really able to relax. You forget how important the downtime is – not being connected to work, thinking about work. Now, I have to admit I did do some work while I was away. Being relaxed and working on my own time frame made a huge difference. Really, once I was done what I needed to do I put everything away. I came back so relaxed. It was like 10 years had been lifted off of me. I looked younger and felt younger. It was just amazing.

It is now the middle of August and we are seeing back to school commercials, retailers focussing on the fall already however it is still SUMMER. I want you to take this time and be in the moment. The fall will come quickly enough and everyone will take their life’s up a notch. I am working through the summer and working hard on a number of projects. I am also trying to balance my time and take in the sun and relax! Summer is not over.

For the remainder of the few weeks do summer things – picnics, boating, swimming, sleep in if you can and RELAX. Also, do what you can to take in as much sun as you can (for us in the Northern Hemisphere!) for the Vitamin D makes a huge difference. I can see now the impact of living in the sun versus not. Toronto is great but there can be many cloudy days and no sun for periods of time.

With that note, I will sign off. Make a list of things you want to do with a friend, spouse/partner, your children/child and yourself over the next few weeks. Enjoy and have fun. Summer is NOT over yet.

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