May 24 long weekend

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Cottages, biking, golfing (that started much earlier this year!), swimming, patios…. for many this weekend signals the beginning of summertime activities. We are about to experience our first nice weekend in Toronto! I love seeing people out and about. The winter was a mild one however I find that regardless of fairly good weather, people still hibernated. While we had a mild winter there was little sun.

This weekend in Canada we celebrate Victoria Day weekend while the USA long weekend is not until next weekend.

I think everyone feels the same as me… it will be nice to kick back and relax a bit. OK I have some work I need to finish over the weekend however I will take advantage of this great weather.

It is also the full moon on May 21/22nd and the end of Mercury Retrograde. I know I experienced many communication disruptions and thankfully they are cleaning up and things are beginning to move again! Full moons is always about letting go. As a cancer sign I am impacted by the full moon. For this one it is a softer moon. I do plan on “detoxing” more of what I have been clearing over the last couple of months and welcome in movement, excitement, opportunity and more.

Lately I have been breathing in “joy” and breathing out “joy”. I talk about how I want my life to look. I have it written down and with my birthday closing in early July I will be looking at how I want my next year to look.

For those celebrating this weekend, enjoy. For others, take advantage of good weather. I do want to send love energy to those in Fort McMurray, Alberta who escaped the fires that destroyed so much; life is precious and one that we cannot take for granted. It also makes me appreciate what I do have in my life and let go of attachment if I were to “lose” it. After celebrating my dad’s 75th, surrounded by immediate family and really close friends, you really do understand that your wealth is never measured in $s and cents, rather in the people who stand by you throughout your life and love you unconditionally.

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend.

All my love,



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