Merry Christmas to all & Happy Holidays

Posted Friday, December 25th, 2015. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

I just returned from a trip to Australia with my son and sister. It was incredible. We flew home on the 24th. Being in Australia, it is 16 hours ahead of Toronto time so you lose a day when you fly (we had no Dec. 10th) and return home the same day – 24th – a very long day.

I tell my Christian friends that I saw Santa flying around the world for we crossed the date line.

I love this time of year as it brings people, families and communities together. Sometimes bringing families together can be stressful and if so please find ways to let go and relax — go for a walk, remove yourself from discussions you disagree with, or just smile and say to yourself “I don’t agree with that”.

I love hearing my friends say that this year they have put more emphasis on the gathering than the presents. While presents are great and we love new things that is not what Christmas is all about.. at least for many.

I want to wish every person, regardless of their religion, a happy holidays. Many people will be off work and can relax and enjoy.

Today is also the full moon. It is a good time to let go of all the things you don’t want in your life, thought patterns that limit you, and people who ‘hold you down/back”.

As we approach the New Year you can begin to think about how you can make 2016 a better year; more fruitful and abundant.

Enjoy this moment.

All my love,


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