As a mom speaking out about the looming youth crisis I encourage all moms to stand up and speak out. We are a powerful group.

I was sent this video I want to share about gun laws in the US. I know the NRA has a strong hold on government. The real question is what kind of world do you want to live in? Do you want to continue living in a fear-based world or one of love? It sounds silly and idealistic yet I believe in the goodness of humankind and yes, there are a few nut bars — but the number of kind people far outweigh the mean-spirited ones that want to create chaos.

We need to understand the power we have in our numbers IF we came together with a common intention and goal.

Please read and watch:

Moms demand action

What Australia did about their gun laws

A new ad in the USA organized by “Moms Demand Action” says it all about guns and especially assault weapons. Yesterday, the American Senate including Republicans (no surprise there) and 5 Democrats sold out the American people by voting to NOT have background checks on gun owners. Apparently, Sandy Hook did not move the dial for these senators in spite of the fact that 90% of Americans want background checks on gun owners. Shame on the senate and the National Rifle Associating (which is likely made up of individuals who feel powerless in their own lives and feel that a large assault weapon will give them power and status). There is a group that is far more powerful than the NRA-MOTHERS. These mothers need to stand up and fight for the right of their families to feel safe in their own countries. Yesterday was a very sad day for the USA but the fight for FREEDOM is not over.

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