More Questions & Answers to Come in 2010

Posted Thursday, December 17th, 2009. Filed Under Financial Empowerment

When I started this part of the blog I felt really strong that women need to take more accountability and responsibility in their life for their finances.

I have had the opportunity to talk to financial planners and they are looking to reach out to women. I have talked to them about creating the relationship first. It is my firm belief that in order to reduce the fear around this area, women need to understand that in so many ways they are already making the “financial” decisions – food shopping, organizing, taking care of the house and so on.

I am determined to shift the paradigm in women’s minds and open them up to this. We will continue to answer your questions so that you can make sound financial decisions or at least start you on your way to more awareness.

I am conducting a focus group/workshop with a group of women and I will give you their feedback as well as my own.

On behalf of Maritza and myself we want to wish all the families celebrating this holiday a safe and wonderful one. We also want to wish you a very happy and healthy, peaceful and abundant New Year.

2010 is a great year – make it a great abundant, financial one!

It begins with a choice to make a change and see your whole world begin to shift. I have taken my finances from a place I wasn’t too happy to a much better place for me and my family. I am grateful and know this will continue.

I am open to abundance and receiving. The more I receive the more I give!

All our best,

Sandra & Maritza

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