The books you will find in this section are ones that I have read myself, been suggested by people I know, or simply books that seemed intriguing. As with all the topic areas you’ll find on this website, not every suggestion you’ll find listed here will resonate with you or “move you,” but each of them may trigger something in your awareness. A lot of my growth has come from contrast, things that challenged something within me. My intention with this site is to pass along the wisdom that has been shared with me and to remind you TAKE WHAT YOU RESONATE AND LEAVE THE REST.

Life Code:
The New Rules For Winnign In The Real World

Author: Dr. Phil McGraw
I am very interested in this book as it deals with the “new reality”. This books breaks the old cycles and patterns of thinking and deals with the new rules for today. I have not read this yet. It looks fascinating and full of great nuggets of advice and guidance.

The Sweet Lowdown:
Exposing the Unhealthy Truth About Sugar

This book was featured in the Oprah magazine in the March 2013 issue. He explains why he believes the massive amounts of sugar and processed food we consume each day are making us not only fatter but sicker, too. Today’s generation of American children may end up being the first with a shorter life expectancy than their parents, but the problem isn’t confined to the young: Obesity-related conditions like type 2 diabetes and heart disease are now among the leading causes of preventable death in adults. Find out what you are putting into your body. Even those fibre rich foods that seem good for you have sugar in its product. Learn to make good choices.

be happy:
release the power of happiness in YOU

Author: Robert Holden, Ph.D.
I has put books aside for a while and this is one of the first books I decided to read when starting again. I LOVE this book. It is a guide book with exercises and much food for thought. Happiness is a choice and it is ALWAYS there for you regardless of what you believe. I love it because while I am happy I see where I have limited my happiness — NO MORE. I highly recommend this book.

Breaking Murphy’s Law
Author: Suzanne Segerstrom, PhD
Breaking cycles and habits can be hard. It takes baby steps. This book assists with this process. You cannot go full tilt for it is likely you will quit. The author knows that when forming a new habit, you need to choose a sustainable behaviour — this is crucial otherwise you are likely to quit.

An Enemy Called Average
Author: John Mason
The book suggests the key to unlocking your dreams. In this book find out how to go beyond ordinary to extraordinary and move to where you dream to be and to find fulfillment in your life. Take what resonates and make it your own.

Heart of a Caregiver
Author: Paula J. Fox
This book was written years ago for a dear lady who cared for the author’s grandmother. She had a kind servant heart. This book honours her and a tribute to caregiver’s everywhere. Caregivers choose to be get involved and do what other cannot do, even if it’s difficult, even if they might get hurt in the process. They possess real courage and strength are are true “heroes” in our society!

Big Fat Lies Women Tell
Themselves: Ditch Your Inner
Critic and Wake Up Your Inner

Author: Amy Ahlers
This book really focuses on the stories we tell ourselves; what we have bought into and believed about ourselves that is NOT true. Discover who you are and begin to love and honour this person AND STOP BEING HARD ON OURSELVES. All change begins from within and this is then reflected in ALL your relationships. You can find this on Amazon in Self Help section.

Finding Joy
Simple Secrets to a Happy Life

Author: Mc Anderson
This book is full of quotes that make you think about the things that matter most in our lives. Reading them helps put things into perspective. You will also love the breathtaking photography. Enjoy.

No Mountain Too High:
A Father’s Inspiring Journey
through Grief

Author: Ned Levitt
I had the opportunity to sit and talk with Ned. He is a remarkable man. He shared that when his daughter died, his soul mate, a part of him died as well. He came to believe over time the tragedy of her death was preventable and became involved with a charitable group called smart risk. ( This book is his journey. I will read this as well as his daughter’s collection of poetry that he published called, I Am a Rose ( For anyone going through a loss, grief or anything related I recommend this book. Ned is authentic and salt of the earth.

Self-Compassion: Stop Beating Yourself Up
and Leave Insecurity Behind

Author: Professor Kristin Neff
I want to recommend this book based on what I have read. Kristin Neff says it is far more important to be kind to yourself then it is to have high self-esteem; High self-esteem is no good unless it is accompanied by self-compassion.

Fierce Conversations:
Achieving Success at Work or Life,
One Conversation at a Time

Author: Susan Scott
This book came highly recommended to me. This book helps you to empower yourself by learning to speak your truth. The book reveals how to master the principles and practice courageous, transformative dialogue. In this book Susan suggests ways to change your life, one conversation at a time.

Emotional Freedom:
Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions
and Transform Your Life

Author: Judith Orloff
People who are looking to make a difference in their lives, this book can be of great value. If we allow, our emotions can stunt our growth and awareness. In this book, Judith Orloff shows you how to free yourself from emotional pain and chains.

Life Begins
When You Do

Author: Mary Anne Radmacher
Simple Truths offers this book. This cannot be more true however not always simple. As beings we are apt to say, “when I graduate…, when I retire…, when I lose that weight…” and then life continues on with no changes. The author says, “Your personal, subjective life (dreams, satisfactions, contentment, achievements, vision, passion, aspirations) begins when you begin. From my teens into adulthood, I said, “I want to be an artist.” One day I changed the sentence to, “I am an artist.” My view changed. Life began.” Read this book and find a way to begin your life!

Just Who Will I Be?
Author: Maria Shriver
I came across this book at Indigo while buying a baby gift. It was small so I grabbed it and I am so thankful that I did. This little book is full of much wisdom and guidance. This books contains the message that she delivered to one of her child’s senior high school graduating class. What was so profound was that her words not only impacted the students, parents and faculty, BUT that the most important person that needed this message was HER. Please take time to read this jewel of a book. I HIGHLY recommend it.

The Happiness Code
Author: Gary L. Laundre, Ph. D.
Discover for yourself the ultimate emotional comfort zone. Dr Gary Laundre has created a new method to reduce anger and stress, increase self-confidence, and even change the way other people perceive you. There is no true wellness without an emotional detox. Dr. Laundre provides a step-by-step method that can be completed in as little as 3 weeks. This method systematically eliminates the emotional resistance, discomfort, and emotional obstacles that have previously kept people from achieving true wellness. Enjoy and take what resonates.

PEAK: How Great Companies
Get Their Mojo from Maslow

Author: Chip Conley
This books has been revered by some and questioned by others. What I like is that he has looked at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and applied them to business – creating his own pyramid where it starts with the tangibles and moves toward the intangibles – relationships and the quality of them. He has taken the steps to self-actualization or fulfilment of people you admire and then shows you how to apply them to business. Here is an interview with Chip.

Love is the Answer: Creating Positive

Authors: Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D. & Diane V. Cirincione
This books emphasizes that “love is letting go of fear.” I am opening myself up to unconditional love both for myself and then for others. I hope that you too will open yourself up to love this year!

Secrets of the World Class:
Turning Mediocrity Into Greatness

Author: Steve Siebold
We all have greatness within – it’s take belief, vision and passion. This books looks at why some people succeed and why some do not. The author took his own experiences as an elite tennis athlete and what it took to become a champion. He was obsessed with uncovering the mental toughness secrets of champions and applies it to everyday life.

You Can’t Send a Duck to 
Eagle School

Author: Mac Anderson
I am a fan of Mac Anderson. I feel his books are full of great advice, knowledge and wisdom.  Inspired by a friend who shared with him about his hiring practices, Mac said he will never forget the analogy his friend provided – “you can’t send a duck to eagle school… You can’t teach someone to smile, you can’t teach someone to want to serve, you can’t teach personality. What we can do, however, is hire people who have those qualities and we can then teach them about our product and teach them our culture”.  This has stuck with Mac and whenever he is hiring someone he asks himself, “Am I hiring a duck thinking they will become an eagle”. This is true of all aspects of your life… you cannot change someone, change comes from within when a person CHOOSES TO.

Where Good Ideas Come
From: The Natural History of 

Author: Mr. Johnson
Johnson says, “ideas grow from other peoples’ hunches”. The idea is that one idea builds on another.  More companies are converging on a “coffee break” idea where people converge around talk and share.   When you have an idea share it and see how it evolves – personal, professional or whatever.  Also, listen to what others are saying. I get some of my greatest inspiration from the thoughts of others.

The 99 Things Women Wish
They Knew… Before Starting A

Author: Erica Diamond
I just recently came across an article about his woman. She is an entrepreneur who really understands what it takes to build a business. She did so with her first at the age of 24 years old. She made her mistakes and learned a lot — she wants to share her thoughts and experiences in her candid book.  I like the way she thinks and I feel that you will benefit.  Go to her website.

The Intangibles of Leadership:
10 Qualities of Superior Executive

Author: Richard  A. David, Ph.D.
People always want the ANSWER assuming there is only one way to do something or be successful. This is not true. I a promoting this book, recommended by a new friend, for I like the premise of this book. Richard points out that leadership is not so straightforward.  What will work and be right for one company and its culture may not necessarily be true for another. While many leadership models exist, the larger question is will a specific leader be successful in a specific corporate environment. This may challenge some of your belief systems. Stay open to this!

the Mesh:
Why the Future of
Business is Sharing

Author: Lisa Gansky
In short, the Mesh outlines how sharing resources and information creates an entirely new class of commerce. When you travel to another city, you don’t buy a house. You stay in a hotel. A hotel, because it  allows hundreds of people a year to share a single room, is a mesh business. I fully resonate with this line of thinking. Corporations need to change the way they do business to prepare themselves for the next decade and years to come!

Flipping the Switch…
Unleash the Power of 
Personal Accountability 
Using QBQ

Author: John G. Miller
This book was recommended by a man I have a lot of respect for. This book is about personal accountability in 5 areas. By looking and addressing them you can jump start unbelievable success at work and in life: 1) learn how to live; 2) taking ownership of goals; 3) creative discovery; 4) building a legacy; 5) building trust.  Learn to eliminate blame, complaints and procrastination. Create a stronger organization, more dynamic teams and healthier relationships!

Good to the Core
Building Values with Values

Author: John G. Blumberg
This is a great quote from the book:

“We don’t go running away from our values. We go drifting away, and one day wake up in a place we never meant to be, drifting in a direction we never chosen”.

If there has ever been a time where we need to return to the “core” it is now. The concept of core values sounds so simple. Nothing could be further from the truth. This simple little book will challenge you right to your core. Have any doubts if you are good to the core? This brand new release from John Blumberg and Simple Truths will leave you with no doubt … but a lot to think about!

You Were Born Rich
Author: Bob Proctor
After many years as a speaker and author,   Bob Proctor recently received more attention in the last few years when he was featured in the film and book, “The Secret.”  Proctor also has a program called Lead The Field.  – He has some good suggestions.  To learn more about Proctor’s books and other programs, go to his website

Put Your Dream To The Test:
10 Questions That Will Help You
See It and Seize It

Author: John C. Maxwell
This book was recommended by someone I know. I just finished telling you to go after your dream so if you are not sure than this is the perfect book to read.  We want to make sure that our primary dream is congruent with your vision and purpose.

Repairing Rainbows:  A True Story of
Family, Tragedy and Choices

Author: Lynda Fishman
This is Lynda’s personal memoir.  She lost her mother and 2 sisters in a airline crash July 5th, 1970.  It was one of Canada’s worst aviation disasters.  Lynda shares her personal journey from calamity to triumph. I hope those who have also suffered find some solace from reading her book and resonating with what she has been through.

Is Your Lifestyle Killing You?
What are you Chasing and Why?

Author: Dr. Charles Berg
This book was recommended by a friend of mine, Jared Yellin who also has a website about empowering yourself – your brand entity – In this book he discusses the meaning of simplification.  I know that I have been doing this for a while – simplifying things in my life. This does not mean it is not exciting it just means you get rid of the drama!

The Four Hour Work Week
Author: Tim Ferriss
On the topic of happiness, Tim Ferriss states, “that most people choose to be unhappy rather than uncertain”.  I find it amazing that people will choose to challenge some parts of their lives and will “just accept” others as if “this is the way it has to be”.  We find this especially true for our profession/choice of work. Then there are things that we took a risk on – or at the time seemed risky however when you look back it wasn’t so scary and it was a good decision!

A Funny Thing Happened On
The Way To The Future…
Twists and Turns and Lessons Learned

Author: Michael J. Fox
Following the sudden death of his father, Michael J. Fox began to show symptoms (within a year) of Parkinson’s Disease – he was only 30 years old. He was diagnosed young-onset PD. Being told he could likely only work for another 10 years, he eventually had to accept and come to some sort of acceptance – acknowledging the reality of the symptoms. He has penned an autobiographical book about not only dealing with the challenges that life brings, but thriving with them. Also, gotta love that he is Canadian!

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
Author: Deepak Chopra
I love Deepak Chopra’s work. He is very empowering in what he has to say, and I look forward to seeing him in person one day. To learn more about his work, go to

All Aboard the Brain Train:
Teach your Child to Live a
Purpose-filled path.

Authors: Dr Linda Miles & Dr. Amy Bunger
This book looks really interesting. We are the guides to our children and to do so we must walk our talk. This book is about doing that – walking our talk and seeing our children emulate them.

Committed: A Skeptic
Makes Peace with Marriage

Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
I like this author, she is the same one who wrote: Eat, Pray, Love.  This book is now being made into a movie starring Julia Roberts.  Elizabeth first shared her personal journey for healing following the breakup of her relationship. Now she embraces marriage and shares the next level of her journey. Enjoy.

100/0 Principle: The Secret
of Great Relationships

Author: Al Ritter
I really resonate with this book. It shares examples, stories and quotes which will give you “aha” moments. What I love about this book is that is talks about responsibility and accountability.  100/0 Principle book is about taking full responsibility (the 100) for ALL the relationships in your life and expecting nothing in return (the 0) — therefore doing without expectations for the outcome instead letting things unfold as they are meant to happen. You do something with 100% effort and let go of the outcome. He discusses 4 steps to this process. Go to for more information.

Focus On The Good Stuff:
The Power of Appreciation

Author: Mike Robbins
Mike Robbins has impacted many lives with his work as a motivational speaker, seminar leader and professional coach.  His book gives you a way to transcend your negativity by focusing on the great things around and within you.  Separated into three sections – obsessions with negativity, the Five Principles of Appreciation, and action – this book not only reminds you of the universal power of appreciation and gratitude, but also shows you how to utilize your energy positively on a daily basis.

Stop & Think:
The Seven Habits of Healthy Living

Author: Dr. Andrew Tutino
I love the premise of this book. He states that most people think that medication gets rid of your symptoms and problem solved; that a pill might make you feel better, but it’s not making you healthy. The healthy choices begin with lifestyle. Take a look at this book to begin your path of HEALTH and WELLNESS.

No Glass Ceiling, Just Blue Sky
Author: Marcy Blochowiak
Marcy Blochowiak is a leader that understands well that we all crave recognition.  And most importantly… it comes from her heart.  Let her share how she and her team work with love and respect for each other.  Marcy understands the power of kindness and compassion.  She understands that companies do not succeed… people do!  This book is a blueprint for success for any woman entrepreneur or any woman wanting to be an entrepreneur.  I suggest that men look at this book. Men can incorporate these “feminine qualities” – into their work and see tremendous success.  I talk about balancing our male and female energies – this has nothing to do with your sex – more to do with one’s behaviour regardless of your sex. Go to

Think Confident, Be Confident:
A Four-Step Program to Eliminate
Doubt and Achieve Lifelong Self-Esteem

Authors: Leslie Sokol, PhD & Marci Fox, PhD
This little book utilizes the principles of cognitive therapy targeting self-doubt and the detrimental effects that it can have on one’s moods, actions/behaviours, motivation, and ultimately self-confidence. These doctors offer a 4-step approach to conquering doubt. It is written in simple language and contains helpful exercises so that anyone can use this tool.

Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens
the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul

Author: Stuart Brown, Psychiatrist
This book is about the value of play that it has on us physically, emotionally and spiritually. In this book one of the recommendations is to spend time with people who Christopher Vaughan embody your same belief. The first question the book asks is what enables us to innovate, problem solve, be happy, smart resilient human beings? PLAY!

Good To Go:
A Practical Guide to Adulthood

Authors: Sharon Mckay, Kim Zarzour
I had a chance to meet Kim Zarzour as she just finished writing and publishing an article about a kids initiative that I am doing with my children and two other families. We started talking about the youth movement that I am working on with another coach, Mitch Gordon ( We are aligned in our desire to work with you.  I have not read this book however based on my meeting and brief discussions with Kim I will gladly recommend this.

Happy 4 Life:
here’s how to do it!

Author: Bob Nozik, MD
It’s about listening to your inner critic over a week  — see what is being said – then start telling it, yourself, to go! “NO, you cannot talk to me that way, that tone! I won’t put up with that stuff anymore”. It will stop little by little! Learn to love and honour yourself.

The Ultimate Cancer Pep Talk
Author: Bret Martin
His colon was removed. He is a cancer survivor.  He co-wrote this “program” with an oncologist. You will find songs and a dialogue as therapy and inspiration to cancer patients and loved ones. Go to this website.

Mars and Venus in
The Bedroom: A Guide 
to Lasting Romance and 

Author: John Gray, Ph.D.
I thought this was a interesting book. Two areas that we do not want to talk about sex and finances. Well, let’s dispel that and know that this is all natural.  This book is about the fact that men and women respond differently in the bedroom.  Men respond more to sensual – touch, taste, smell, and visual cues.  Women arousal usually is a mental operation – requiring them to switch off from the day, activities and then switch on for pleasure — starts with communication.

The Power Of Half
Authors: Kevin Salwen and Hannah Salwen
This is a beautiful story about a daughter who makes an observation about a homeless man on one side of her car and a Mercedes on the other. Hannah says to her father, “If that guy didn’t have such a nice car, maybe the other guy could have a meal”.  This observation prompted a family to action.  The Salwen’s decided to downsize their home and use half the proceeds from the sale to sponsor two villages in Ghana through the Hunger Project.

Living A Charmed Life: Your 
Guide To Finding Magic in Every
Moment of Every Day

Author: Victoria Moran
This is one of Victoria’s first books that brought her to the limelight. I met Victoria last year in New York. We are very aligned in our thinking and feeling. It was really nice meeting her. She has impacted many lives. Please take a read of her book and check out her site

Never Give Up!:
Relentless Determination to Overcome Life’s Challenges

Author: Joyce Meyer
This book for me is about hope and faith.  This is all we have in our times of adversity.  Rather than give up — make it baby steps.  Find those who will support you. We are here for you.

How to Master Your Muck –
Get Organized. Add Space
To Your Life. Live Your Purpose!

Author: Kathi Burns
Get rid of things that do not serve you physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It is good to create space so that you can bring into your life what you want.

Career Renegade
Author: Jonathan Fields
This book is about asking yourself, “what makes me come alive?” Find what you love to do and then do it – both personally and professionally.  Perhaps you need to go back to a time when you were in a state of “flow” and happiness.  You can also check out his blog and site. His site looks interesting. Enjoy and this year, 2010, find what you love and be true to you.

Getting Up When Life Knocks You Down:
5 Steps to Overcoming a Life Crisis

Author: Jerry White
For those that want to make changes now! and see the results in 2010. This book outlines the 5 cycles, or stages, to help survivors overcome their nightmares.  Jerry White was the co-recipient of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize for his work banning landmines.

Every Moment Matters:
Savoring the Stuff of Life

Author: John St. Augustin
Author and radio personality, he has provided yet another wonderful book. As we learn that every moment matters, being in the moment, and that each experience leads us further to our awareness we can really begin to understand this. Enjoy this book, it is filled with many personal recounts.

Love Your Body, Love Your Life
Author: Sarah Maria
This book offers 5 simple steps will put an end to your Negative Body Obsession once and for all so you can start living happily and confidently!  Our bodies are sacred and we need to nourish them, listen to them for messages. I am constantly told to slow down — today I tripped up the stairs – pretty talented huh? Well I plan to slow it down!

Finding Your Focus Zone: An
Effective New Plan to Defeat
Distraction and Overload

Author: Lucy Jo Palladino, PhD.
I read about this book, and it looks interesting. Sometimes we lose our focus because we are understimulated, and at other times because we are overstimulated. We need to find our balance.

The Right To Lead
Author: John Maxwell
He discusses learning leadership through character and courage. I believe that knowing how to be a leader is important and also understanding a great leader can also follow. The people in this book have earned the “right” to lead others not by making other people follow, but by making themselves the kind of person people would want to follow. Enjoy. Everyone has the “right”.

Walk the Talk
Authors: Eric Harvey and Steve Ventura
With great stories, great quotes and great wisdom, they remind us that life is short, but if we do the “right things”…it can be wide!

Half The Sky: Turning Oppression
Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide

Authors: Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn
This book focuses on women in many countries with the subject being EMPOWERMENT. I am excited to pass this on and I look forward to reading this as well.

Fit Kids: A Practical Guide to Raising
Healthy and Active Children from
Birth to Teens

Author: The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, 2004
We are so concerned about our health yet we forget to do the basics to create and maintain our wellness: Exercise, Sleep, Water, Nutrition, Positive Attitude, Emotionally Releasing, Healthy Relationships with Self and Others. Use this book as a guide and make it work for you and your family.

Hug Your Customers:
The Proven Way to Personalize Sales
and Achieve Astounding Results

Author: Jack Mitchell
Everything in life is about the relationship: with Self and others.  People want to know the “how to in business” in business often forgetting that it is all about the relationship to the customer. This book is about that and how caring about his customers, this family business thrived!

You: Staying Young: The Owner’s
Manual for Extending Your

Authors: Michael F. Roizen, M.D. and Mehmet C. Oz, M.D.
There is a whole series of “You”books, and the focus of this one is resetting your body clock. This book also talks about breaking cycles and habits and forming new ones. In the book, you will find recommendations for everyday steps to take for health and vitality, and you will also find a useful day-by-day guide. Go to the authors’ YouTube video to learn more.

Life Tuneup
Author: Loren Slocum
I had the opportunity to hear Loren speak (with  the Tony Robbins group from Toronto) and have a brief dinner with  her.   We shared personal stories and belief systems and it was  wonderful. She is aware, awake and enlightened.  While she is human  and learning her lessons, we are aligned in so many ways. I do recommend her book for it is about tweaking things in our life, tune  ups, in order to bring the results that we want.  I know she brings a  spiritual edge to her work for I have heard her speak and she  encourages you to TAKE WHAT RESONATES AND MAKE IT YOUR OWN. Please go  to her site and learn more about her. She has also  written a children’s book, The Greatest Love, which she gave me a copy  of and it is beautiful — it is the perfect gift for a new mother!  A  portion of the proceeds are donated.  Check this out.

Even Eagles Need A Push: The Power of Encouragement
Authors: David McNally and Mac Anderson
Many of the motivational speakers will tell you that many people sleepwalk through their lives never finding their passion or living their life to the fullest. What I like about this book is that it is about encouragement and support for on this journey of awareness there are times when you need someone to hold your light. This books is about how a supportive wife helped her rather famous husband back to dreaming after being unemployed. Enjoy. Dream Big and let others unconditionally love, support and empower you.

The Seasons of Life
Author: Jim Rohn
Jim Rohn has inspired many motivational speakers including Tony Robbins and Les Brown, and he has been called “America’s foremost business philosopher.” I recently read a “snippet” from this book and loved it.  Take a look at his site, for he has so many other books and other products to offer.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
Author: T. Harv Eker
I have met people who swear by his work and are followers of his. As you know I do not believe in GURUS and feel that this book is a guide. Take what resonates and make it YOUR OWN.  I have heard good things about his work. I received this book as a gift and it is on my list to read.

Free-Range Kids: Giving Your Children 
the Freedom We Had Without Going Nuts With Worry

Author: Lenore Skenazy
This books was featured in my news paper, The National Post with a tag line, “Lenore Skenazy was branded “America’s Worst Mom” after letting her nine-year-old son ride the subway by himself.  There is something to be said about giving our children more responsibility and accountability and freedom. I realize there is a balance and you need to discern each situation. I do also feel that there are so many “helicopter” parents that have enabled their children to the point of disabling them.  Our children need to falldown, fail and then learn to get right back up. It is there journey who are we to deny them of it.

Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls
Author: Rachel Simmons
This book is something that intrigued me. I just went on line and read this review: “I think that adding odd girl out into your curriculum would be a good idea because I enjoyed this book very much when i was reading it because i found it easy to relate to. Also it allowed me to see that other girls are having the same issues as me because the stories from the book came from real life situations. I defiantly recommend this book for your curriculum!”

Be Happy Without Being Perfect:
How to Break Free From the
Perfection Deception

Authors: Alice D. Domar, Ph.D. and Alice Lesch Kelly
After I read about this book, I wanted to share it with you.  Being a perfectionist is something that I had to deal with, so I can relate to this topic. Alice Domar is an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and director of The Domar Center for Mind/Body Health, located in Massachusetts.  In this book, she emphasizes the key role played by relaxation in a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy!

Letting Go With Love: The Grieving Process
Author: Nancy O’Connor, Phd.
I wanted to give a book on grieving and when I searched I was drawn to this book. I like that it deals with children — dealing with the emotion — acceptance.  Take a look and please give me your feedback.

Who Moved My Cheese: An
Amazing Way to Deal with Change
in Your Work and in Your Life

Author: Spencer Johnson, M.D.
I read this inspiring book a while ago, and I remember how much I really enjoyed it.  It’s a wonderful story that really introduced me to some paradigm shifts.

Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven-
Stage Journey Out of Depression

Author: James S. Gordon, M.D.
I love Dr. Gordon’s approach because he is open to trying other modalities before turning to drugs as a solution to Depression.  Dr. Gordon talks about how meditation can be effective in handling depression.  He also talks about the benefits of finding a spiritual connection.
Dr. Gordon is the founder and director of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, D.C.  You can learn more about his work by visiting He has created healing programs for medical professionals, people with chronic illness and children in war-torn countries.

The Soulmate Secret: Manifest The Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction
Author: Arielle Ford
I do like Arielle Ford’s work. Take what resonates from this book and leave the rest. You can go to her site and learn how to prepare to manifest and meet your soulmate!  It all starts with loving yourself.

Our Baby, Ourselves: How Biology
and Culture Shape the Way We

Author: Meredith F. Small
A professor of Anthropology at Cornell University, in this book Meredith Small talks about the development of infant brains. For so long, society bought into the idea that we need to stimulate our babies’ minds. In this book, Professor Small observes that for much of human history, babies got schlepped along with moms and were part of whatever was going on. It was a busy, noisy and stimulating human environment.  For those with newborns, this book may interest you.

Momma Zen: Walking the Crooked Path of Motherhood 
Author: Karen Maezen Miller
This book is not a parenting book rather a book about being a mother and the twists and turns that it takes while bringing in her “zen-like wisdom”.  She shares her journey and awareness along this path from the time of pregnancy to toddlerhood.  As a parent, let alone the mother, we learn that our children have as much to teach us as we do to teach them. Enjoy.

The Middle Place
Author: Kelly Corrigan
I just saw a youtube movie where she was reading to a large group of women. This moved me to tears. Her book is about the journey of life – -being a parent and child at the same time – one foot in each place.  It’s about the family you make and the family you came from and locating, navigating and finally celebrating where they meet. Take a look at her site.

The Natural Makeoever Diet: A
4-Step Program to Looking and
Feeling Your Best From the Inside

Author: Dr. Joey Shulman
Dr. Shulman is a nutritionist and is aware that for a diet to be effective, we must focus not just on what we eat, but on “releasing” the weight we do not want.  You can learn more about her work at

Too Safe For Their Own Good: How
Risk and Responsibility Help Teens

Author: Michael Ungar, Ph.D
Ungar is a social worker and professor at the School of Social Work at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada.  In this book, he says that we are creating a generation of kids so overprotected that it’s stunting their emotional growth. I can see this amongst my friends.  As parents, we are crippling our children by being the “helicopter parents.”  I am guilty of this too. I realize we need to back off and let our children make their mistakes and grow.  Ungar says that we need to give our children a sense of responsibility.

More Than Words Can Say:
The  Making  of Inspired Speakers

Author: Saskia Shakin
This is a book that has inspired me in so many ways. It is a book that I highly recommend especially if you have a desire to do any type of speaking: volunteer, corporate, to groups, etc.  Saskia does an excellent job at getting you to think about speaking from your heart, your authenticity and truth – sharing your story.  
Women Who Give Away Millions:
Portraits of Canadian

Author: Iris Nowell
This book offers profiles of 14 of Canada’s most generous female philanthropists. It is amazing to see what these women have done.  As you’ll see from this book, these inspiring and influential women believe that it’s not just about giving, but rather creating for someone else. Some of the women include Gail Asper, Sonia Labatt and Judith R. (Billie) Wilder.

Rich Dad Poor Dad
Authors: Robert Kiyosaki with Sharon L. Lechter, C.P.A
I really enjoyed reading this book. Kiyosaki has a lot of good information to pass on and share.  What I liked about this book is it put into perspective my beliefs that I hold specially regarding money and abundance. Who am I allowing to shape my beliefs?  Please go to his site and learn about his other programs
Generation Debt: Take Control
Of Your Money – A How-to

Author: Carmen Wong
With so many of us in debt, I felt this book is a good starting place for changing that situation.  This book is about accountability and responsibility.  We are part of the change and it begins with us

Change is Good … YOU GO FIRST
Authors: Mac Anderson & Tom Feltenstein
This book is about looking from within. It is about learning to walk your talk and that if anything in your life is going to change is must begin with you. Mac Anderson has numerous books that are fascinating. Please go to and you can review all the books and buy them if you want!

The Mindfulness and Acceptance
Workbook for Anxiety: A Guide to
Breaking Free from Anxiety,
Phobias and Worry Using
Acceptance and Commitment

Authors: John P. Forsyth and Georg H. Eifert
This book came to me from a Life Coach I recently met, who has used this book with many of her clients as well she has personally benefitted from it. I recommend that you give this book a try.

The Truth About You: Your Secret
to Success

Author: Marcus Buckingham
I first “met” Marcus Buckingham on a recent broadcast of the “Oprah show,” in which he demonstrated the principles found in this book by working with 30 women.  This book leads readers to awareness and success by empowering them to make the crucial life choice of putting themselves first.  By doing that, we are each able to create a work life that plays to our unique strengths. Please go to Oprah’s site to see more. You can also learn about Buckingham’s other books, by visiting his website —
Each of his books stresses the importance of focusing on what makes you strong, special and unique – which is all closely tied into how you feel. Follow your heart!!

When All You Have Is Hope
Author: Frank O’Dea
This is the amazing story of one man’s personal journey of becoming “a street kid” and then finding his way – one step at a time – to become the successful co-founder of a profitable chain of coffee shops, The Second Cup. O’Dea was named Officer of the Order of Canada, is now married with children, and continues to support many not-for-profit children’s causes. His story is very empowering! Please visit his website,

Living an Uncommon Life: Essential Lessons
from 21 Extraordinary People

Author: John At. Augustine
He is the author and Award-Winning host of Power Talk Radio – More recently he has launched his own show, broadcast every Saturday on the “Oprah & Friends” channel of the XM satellite radio network. He also remains one of the top producers on Oprah’s radio network. He shares with us 21 peoples’ life experiences. To be “extraordinary” is a choice and each one of us can do little things each day to empower ourselves and the lives of others. Baby steps by many can collectively bring about large changes we see in our communities, cities and world.

Ultra-Longevity: The Seven-Step
Program for a Younger, Healthier

Author: Mark Liponis, M.D.
Dr. Liponis is the medical director of Canyon Ranch health resorts. In this book, he explains how simply by shifting your thinking and making small changes in your daily habits, you can increase your mental and physical stamina.

Our Family Journey – An Inspiring
Collection of Magic Moments Written
By You and Your Family

Author: Lisa M. Rose
This book is created by you and your family capturing the special moments in your family’s life – ones that you think you will remember however often forget.  Please go to her website at where you can order it. Enjoy the moments together — laugh!

Sandbox Wisdom
Author: Tom Asacker
Children never forget to laugh!  This book talks about the importance of human connections – it’s what life and business is all about.  It provides common sense wisdom through the eyes of a child and shows how we can revitalize work, relationships and our lives.  Enjoy! Find your inner child and laugh and “jump in the puddles” if you feel like it. 

Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop 
Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time

Author: Brian Tracy           
In this book, Brian Tracy talks about “the frog” being the one task that you don’t want to do or that you are scared of doing, and the value of putting this unpleasant task first on your list for that day.  Otherwise, you will drain yourself of your energy, putting time into the “other stuff” and just plain procrastinate.  Take a look at this one-minute movie about the book,

Think and Grow Rich
Author: Napoleon Hill
First published in 1937, this is an excellent book, timeless. Widely considered a classic, this is a book I can read over and over again.  Don’t be fooled by the fact that it was written more than 70 years ago, because its message still holds true today.  While reading this book, remember that you must first begin to love yourself for you to receive.

When You’re Falling, Dive: Lessons in the Art of Living
Author: Mark Matousek
I read about this book, and it looks interesting. Living is a choice. Make the choice to live rather than just exist. Check out his website

Take Time For Your Life
Author: Cheryl Richardon
I enjoy reading Cheryl Richardson’s column in Body and Soul magazine every month, and just love her writing and her advice. She is the author of four books and is also a personal coach. You can learn more about Richardson’s work on her website, .

Rich Woman: A Book on Investing
For Women – Because I Hate Being
Told What to Do!

Author: Kim Kiyosaki
The author’s husband, Robert Kiyosaki, wrote the bestselling book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and Kim Kiyosaki’s book offers the same kind of inspiration and philosophy, specifically designed to support women in achieving their financial dreams. It’s designed to help you find the rich woman in you!!! Please go to Kim Kiyosaki’s site

The Five Love Languages: How to
Express Heartfelt Commitment to
Your Mate

Author: Gary Chapman
I highly recommend this great book about how each one of us expresses our love in one of five ways. I read this during my marriage, and it helped me understand how each of us communicates in our own way in a relationship. We need to learn to speak in our partner’s language.

Back on The Career Track: A Guide
For Stay-At-Home Moms Who
Want To Return To Work

Authors: Carol Fishman Cohen and Vivian Steir Rabin
This book is a guide for women who seek to return to the workplace after putting their careers “on hold” to raise children. This book also shows you how the skills you learnt at home as a mom, are transferable and just as valuable in the work force!

Crazy Sexy Cancer: More Rebellion
and Fire for Your Healing Journey

Author: Kris Carr
Kris Carr is a cancer survivor. I love her energy and how she embraces her cancer. Carr has also been the producer and subject of a documentary by the same title on The Learning Channel, and also writes a blog. Her passion as a cancer survivor is evident in her message, to inspire people to become participants in their own healing. Please go to her website,

Color Me Butterfly: A True Story of
Courage, Hope and Transformation

Author: L. Y. Marlow
This book tells the story of four generations of mothers and daughters who embrace a legacy of unconditional love, old-fashioned family values, and faith to triumph over a life plagued with unspeakable abuse and pain.

Finish Strong: Amazing Stories of Courage and Inspiration
Author: Dan Green
This is a great motivational book that focuses on your attitude of believing and feeling you can do it. The next step is to then have the intention and determination to see it through. To learn more about the movie that was inspired by this book, visit


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