Moving – A Test Of My Beliefs

Posted Thursday, August 27th, 2009. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

THE ACTUAL DAY OF MY MOVE … I decided to carry my jewlery and some other breakables over myself just to make sure everything was fine. In that pile I brought a mirrored, framed, tray that I put my crystal perfume bottles on. This came from my grandmother and I really liked it.

I decided to do a run to my new house as they were packing up my  old house and this is when it happened…. I took the mirrored tray out of my car while unpacking and dropped it. The mirror shattered. I was shocked. I knew I can fix this however I was more in shock that I just created 7 years bad luck. I quickly called my girlfriend and left her a message. I then took a deep breath and started to calm myself down.

20 mintes later I am breathing well. I had cleaned up the mess and put the mirrored pieces in the back of my car wrapped up.  I started to ask myself – whose belief am I carrying? Is this really about 7 years of bad luck or is it a message saying that I have finally broken a cycle in my life – my ex and my marriage and more importantly EMPOWERING ME –  that I have been working so hard at doing over the last decade? This made me smile.


With this in mind I smiled and felt better. I received a text from my friend who told me to “let it go” that everything is ok!

LEARNING – AWARENESS… As we move along our path/journey of awareness we will come across these types of situations that will pull us back in if we let it. I almost went there however I am strong enough now to sit back and really question where my beliefs are coming from and are they serving me. If not, let it go…

Something to ponder.

Thank you for being understanding while I did not post last week. I was so exhausted from the move. AND NOW I AM RARING TO GO.

All my love,



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