Music has the ability to transcend… we love it

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I love all kinds of music – rock, r&b, disco, classical, some rap, some country, jazz, blues and genres that I don’t even know the name of.

If you ask me to name artists and their songs, I can only name a few – the famous ones because for the most part I don’t pay attention to that. And singing… that’s a whole other story. When singing you may find that I change the words sometimes. However, I love to listen to music. When I write I often put on my “reiki” music for I find it calming and opens up my creativity.

Music has become prevalent in our society as seen by the number of shows that are hosted to find the next big stars. There is The Voice, X-Factor, and Idle. I watch all three for different reasons.

I love the concept of The Voice. The judges are acclaimed artists in their own right and understand all aspects of music from the artistic side to the business side. They truly are coaches who guide the singers who are auditioning to the ones that are chosen for the various teams. I like that it is blind and the judges are forced to listen only to the pitch, range and diversity of ones voice without seeing the person. Sometimes it is a big surprise for them to turn around and see what the person really looks like, their stage presence, attitude and energy. I love that they want to coach the singers to be their best, push themselves in ways that they can’t even imagine. Creating an image isn’t hard in this day and age – hair, clothes, even cosmetic surgery for some will create the look that will make them a commercial star. I love the artists that stay true to who they are and do not bend to the “commercial” way.

Then there is the X-Factor -Simon Cowell’s baby. I also like this. The range of talent is extreme from the amazing talent of the 13 year old to the people who think they can sing but cannot. It is refreshing to see Britney Spears – who is young but has so many years of experience in the business as well as Demi Lovato – who is also young with less experience but can relate to the young kids – give their advice to young people who want to be just like them. Because the show is in the beginning of weeding out the talent the judges’ comments are less constructive although I find Britney has provided some constructive guidance to some of the singers. I am looking forward to the show when you can really hear their guidance come forth more.

What I do really like about both of these shows is that it gives people an opportunity to challenge themselves and to follow their dreams. On X-Factor there was one girl who was really bullied and told she was not nothing basically by her peers – she sang in this raspy, incredible voice and her story really impacted everyone, especially Demi Lovato – for she can relate and does a lot of work for anti-bullying. This girl received such an incredible response from all the judges and the crowd that in her interview after the show she said she can now put “the bullying story of her life behind her” and do what she loves.


When you are down, want to relax, open up your creativity or just be in the moment allow music to do that. I listen to different types of music depending on my mood.

Music is the one thing that can connect people from different background, culture, age, and religion. I have sat through different shows – opera, the play Cats in Amsterdam -that are not in English however I was able to follow the show and listen to the music.

Take some time this weekend and listen to some music and allow yourself to just BE.

For those that want to pursue a dream in music, go for it. You will never know until you try. Be prepared for hard work, constructive guidance and not necessarily succeeding the first time. One of the people selected this year was a guy who tried out last year and they sent him away to do some work — the hard work paid off because one year later he is now on a team!

Have a great weekend.

All my love,


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