My Guide/teachers

Dr. Lin Morel – I was introduced to Lin through Tom Martin, my PR person. He knew that I will really like her and so we had a call and immediately I fell “in love” with her and her work. Her work is so unique to me it is like she is working with you as though you are a computer: clearing away “old stuff” and re-programming “new stuff” that helps you in your journey of self-awareness. I enjoyed our work so much that I flew to New York for a night to have dinner with her and Tom. Lin and I shared a room and as soon as I met her I felt as though we were “soul sisters”. Our connection has continued, as has our work. She is the person who enlightened me to life is a mirror as well as our purpose in life is to unconditionally love ourselves. I highly recommend her work and while she is focusing her work on the corporate side please visit her website at For those looking for corporate work please visit Thank you Lin for helping me in my journey of self-awareness.

Lynn Knowles – Lynn is my soul sister. She is so gifted with her talent. While I know that we all have intuitive abilities within us, it is nice to have a friend share it with you. I use her work as a guide to help me clarify what I already know from within. She has often held the light for me when I did not see it. She had no doubt about my work coming to fruition. Today, she is seeing it unfold and I am so grateful to share my work with hers. Specifically, Lynn does Psychic Readings that includes Medium Ship, Healing Work, and Aura Reading. To set up an appointment call: 416-875-6389.

Tom Martin – I met Tom Martin at a seminar. I walked away not loving the speaker however I did learn something. More importantly I walked away with a new friend; a friend who has become a guide and mentor and vice versa. Our passion and desire to make a difference first in ourself, to be our authentic self, and then to empower others do to the same, has brought our work together. Tom is instrumental in helping me launch my site and business. He is my official PR person and below you can find a brief bio on Tom Martin and his contact information:

Tom Martin has spent more than 25 years in the fields of network news production and public relations — working with organizations ranging from ABC News to Edelman Public Relations.

In 2005, he launched Tom Martin Media, LLC with the intention of providing clients with the highest quality public relations and video production services, giving them personalized attention and great value.  Handling a wide range of clients, Tom puts a special focus on his work with authors, those in the field of health & wellness, and non-profit organizations dedicated to improving the lives of others.

During his time with ABC News, CBS News and CNN, Tom worked with some of the top journalists in the industry including Diane Sawyer, Charles Gibson, Charlie Rose, and the late Charles Kuralt. Working closely with Charles Kuralt, Tom learned that every one of us (regardless of age, educational background or “status”) has an important story to share with others — and he finds nothing more fulfilling than supporting individuals in that process. For those who enjoy hearing the names of celebrities and VIP’s, over the years Tom has collaborated with Paul McCartney, Miles Davis, Steven Spielberg, Al Gore, George Soros and Tony Robbins among many others.

Tom Martin Media, LLC places a special emphasis on empowerment and personal growth.  Tom’s mission is to help others express their individual stories with maximum effectiveness, and thereby touch the lives of others in a powerful and lasting way.

Vivian Osal – I have gotten to know Vivian quite well. I studied my Reiki level 1 and II with her and found her class very good both from the information given and the hands-on work we did. Vivian has been a great friend and a wonderful guide in my life. She is very gifted in her work and is always expanding her knowledge. Her practice includes: Reiki Master and Akashic Record Consultant. Please visit her site: or call her at 416-457-3330.

Mary C. Montanari – I have known Mary for a little while now. We met at a party and I agreed to be a case study for an Angel reading. I really enjoyed it and since we have seen our friendship grow. Watching Mary unfold to her authentic self has been amazing. She has found her niche, past-life regression, studying with Brian Weiss, MD as well as Doreen Virtue. Mary’s practice is diverse: Reiki Master, Angel Card Readings, Energy Work and Chakra Balancing, Past Life Regression, Psychotherapy, and Spiritual Director. Please visit her website at for further contact information or call her at 416-726-0984. I love her work.

Joanne Morgan – I had the distinct pleasure having Joanne as my teacher for Medical Intuition. Her style of teaching is refreshing and enlightening. She is authentic; a woman who walks her talk in every sense of the word. One of the greatest lessons I learned from her is to take what resonates and leave the rest. I also had the pleasure of being her client for medical intuition. I love her style as she is about empowering you to go within and listen to the body, as the body is always talking to you (she taught me this as well!). She directs you to your own awareness. I had a wonderful release of a memory from childhood. I am looking forward to having her lead a retreat for my friends and I. Her services include Psychotherapist, Spiritual Director, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner and Personal Life Coach. She can be reached at 416-537-8364.

Sheila Bristow – I had the good fortune of re-connecting with Sheila through a course. I really like her and her work. Sheila and I have traded energy work. I really enjoyed her biofeedback sessions and have come away with good insight and awareness. She is very laidback in her style however do not be fooled as she has her way of presenting the information so that you do not worry however start to question some of your choices. I highly recommend that you go to her website and see all that she has to offer. (the site is under construction at the moment). You can email her at or reach her by her mobile at 416-524-0779. Sheila also is a Psychotherapist and Meditation Facilitator.

Sandra Levy – co-founder of the Sanlyn Wellness Centre. This centre was very instrumental in my growth and awareness. I attended various courses and lectures, group work as well as the Spiritual Cinema. Her practice includes: Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, and Sound Practitioner. She also does various forms of energy work. Clinic: 416-783-7304/ Mobile: 416-801-9930.

Lynton Friedman – co-founder of the Sanlyn Wellness Centre. He also taught some of the courses and workshops that I attended. His practice includes: Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and various types of Energy work. Clinic: 416-783-7304 and cell: 416-919-8006. Check them out at their site:

** I have used both Sandra and Lynton for different work and I highly recommend both.

Tess Cacciatore – I met Tess Cacciatore through Tom Martin, my PR person. My desire to work with children led me to Tess and her foundation, The World Trust Foundation, Her work with children both in the US and around the world is inspiring and noteworthy. I know that we will be doing work together and I am really excited about this. Go to her site and see how you can help!

Stacey Grieve – I met Stacey through Nikken, the Japanese Total Health and Wellness company. While she is more active in the business side we have kept in touch. When she told me she was writing a book about her journey through weight loss, I was happy for her. The book is called Why Are You Weighting? It’s not the food that’s making you FAT! And you can learn more at her website I kept thinking what makes this book so different? When Stacey and I sat down we talked about so many factors that affect your weight and I realized that there is an emotional and spiritual component to this, not dieting, however changing your core beliefs and feelings around weight. We did talk about loving yourself first. I too want to write a book and I am very inspired by Stacey’s desire and perseverance.

Linda Smith – I was connected to this woman through Tom Martin. Her work is so inspiring and empowering for the youth of Kigali, Rwanda. She started a program called the “Through The Eyes of Hope”; working with young disadvantaged children and teaching them how to take pictures. Some of the work has gone on to international acclaim. More importantly she is teaching the children a form of expression, giving back their dignity and self-worth and showing them their life is meaningful. Please check out these pictures from Rwanda. As well check out the site and see the incredible work being produced by the children of Kigali, Rwanda. As well there is a calendar for sale and for this you can go to

Donna Sirianni – what I love about her work is that she is someone who is following her passion and creating what she wants. She has a very spiritual approach and understands the Law Of Attraction. She knows what she puts out comes back to her. From what I can see she is on a good path and many doors are opening for her. Check out her website I am supporting Donna on her path. You can also see some of her other work that has unfolded.


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