I am having work done in my new home and I am really excited.  It has been a challenge making sure that all the trades work together and do not hold one another up.  I have been managing it fairly well. Of course there are the “hiccups” that happen doing a move.

I really feel that what you give out, or how you treat people comes back to you ten fold.  The crew that installed my carpets were amazing. Mario has 33 years experience and I really trusted his knowledge. He not only did a fabulous job on my installation, he also made me aware of 2 cracks in my foundation — which I am now having fixed (what’s another $1200????).  As well, he showed me how to cut those pulls you get without having a compelet run in my carpet and finally he talked to me about my hot water tap and that I need insulation for it.

I am grateful for his presence.  We had some pretty funny talks. What I really admire about him is his authenticity, says it the way it is, his honesty and his warm personality. I really work at treating all people the same and this is no exception. In return I received an email from him which I will pass on…

Dear Sandra,

I wanted to extend my sincere gratitude to you for the kind generosity you showed
both me and Andrew during your carpeting installation. You are most definitely above
the norm of customers we deal with on an almost daily basis. 
3 weeks ago, a particular customer took the time out of her (super) busy schedule to
call XX company, go through reception, get transferred to the installation manager,then
demand she speaks with the company's owner to personally lodge a complaint that one of
their crew (me and Andrew) were bothering her for drinks all day!!!!
The real truth of the matter is that Andrew took her up on her offer, and asked her
3 times for a tumbler of water during a 4 day installation of her 2nd and 3rd floor
carpeting.... GAWD!!!!!!! LOL!
Then you come along, gracious and full of life and vibrancy, feet well planted and a
heart full of humility, honestly I sure could use more customers like you.
It was a true pleasure meeting and doing the work for you, and I can personally
assure you it was done with the utmost care and diligence. WE also enjoyed your
company while you were around and positively impacted us.
Just wanted you to know that your kind gestures were appreciated by both of us.
Best wishes to you

Mario Ruggier
All my love,



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