My Year In Review: A Year Of Releasing & Letting Go

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WHAT A YEAR… At first glance it feels like the year has slipped by and I didn’t get as much done as I wanted. At a closer look I realize that this has been a tremendous year of releasing, letting go and surrendering and opening up space to plant the seeds.

This year I really took back my power, remembered how to love and honour myself and this has been coming through in my relationships: with myself, my work, my finances, my health and wellness, and with family and friends.


There were periods when I felt frustrated, angry, and sad and I didn’t know why. I honoured these tough times and let things unfold as they were meant to. There were also periods of great inspiration and creation which has pushed me along the path of clearly defining my intentions.

Studying the Tao Te Chang, the way of being, has really been an amazing reminder to who I am — who we all are! I love it. The best part is that I have met some incredible women through this study group. I have connected so well with them that I arranged with one of the woman who lives on my street to host a pajama party last night at my home with 20 guests. It was so much fun — reminding us to be in the moment, laugh, let go and just BE. The ages ranged from 37-60. The energy of this place was incredible.

MY BEING…. I feel that I have come to a place in my life where I am remembering WHO I AM and my TRUTH. I am grateful for all that is in my life, especially my children and friends. I feel that all I need to do is live my life. I do not feel obliged to share my life and what I choose to do with others, unless I want to. It is such a great feeling TO BE. I now understand that I have never been in love and that even when it comes to male figures that I have not allowed in love in the way of acknowledgment and praise for my work as I did not know how. Now I am ready!!! I needed to shed my layers and I did this year. I want to acknowledge my friend Mark, for he has been instrumental in this and I am forever grateful.

MY HUMAN/DOING SIDE This is the part of me that did and acted. When I think about all the things that I did this year it is incredible. Most of what I did was peel away the layers and plant the seeds that are sprouting right now.

Here goes…
– Created and launched my website
– Finished incorporating my business
– Started my practice with Vivian (which I discovered was not the right location for me — all is good and Viv and I are still amazing friends)
– Created 5 workshops between June and November
– Sold my house
– Bought a house
– Moved and did fairly big renovations
– Settled my children into a new area
– Am clearly defining my intentions and setting goals for next year
– Created new friendships through the Tao study group
– Became a gold sponsor of the Spirituelle Divas
– Had my first published article – Women’s Post on-line
and I am sure the lists goes on to my personal stuff. WOW this is incredible. There are a lot of very stressful things on this list however I made it through!


It has been wonderful feeling I have empowered and touched other peoples’ lives. You have also touched mine. For the women that shared their stories you have also impacted and empowered other women. Thank you! It begins one person at a time and just leading by example. There are so many women I meet that have incredible stories and you tell me that you are not good writers so you refrain from sharing. I encourage you to PLEASE SHARE AND WRITE FROM YOUR HEART. Your stories may make the difference in someones’ life. We never know.

As you look at your Year-In-Review be kind and gentle with yourself. You are exactly where you are meant to be. It is also a chocie. If you feel like a victim then you must take the accountability and responsibility for allowing these things to happen in your life. YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY AND LOVED. WE ALL DESERVE TO BE HAPPY AND LOVED.

Take some time and look back on this year. CELEBRATE all the things that happened to make you feel good and for the things that didn’t look at them as the contrast that likely moved you further along in your journey of knowing, awareness and remembering fully who you are – a brilliant being!

Enjoy life — laugh and have fun. Find what resonates with you and then GO FOR IT. Be in the moment.

2010 is the year the our “seeds are sprouting” and with nurturing and loving and honouring ourselves we will see what we want unfold.

I am exicted to see my seeds sprouting!

Thank you again all — I am eternally grateful.

All my love,

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