Youth Resource book: We’re Not Gonna Take It, A youth’s toolbag

In September 2013 I self-published a resource tool-book geared to the millennial youth that provides 10 essential life skills needed for success in life and the workplace. The book is called We’re Not Gonna Take It, A youth’s toolbag of essential life skills for transitioning from high school to post-secondary education to the workplace. I wrote this book because I am very nervous what is being handed down to my two boys and all children. Also I see that these life skills are often not being taught in our education system nor at home. These life skills are fundamental and the foundation of many soft skills that employers are seeking today, especially effective communication and teamwork. I explain the importance of these skills and how to apply them to everyday life choices, personally and professionally. This book is available as a hard copy, e-pdf and various E-book versions. Look for a talk book in the future!

In the book I share the importance of mentoring, interning and volunteering. I teach you how to navigate in the baby boomer work environment. You and the baby boomers value things differently. I explore that and guide you how to bridge the gap between your two groups and how to create relationships, ask good questions and make good decisions right for you. I ask you many questions, give you exercises and information to help you find clarity. I want to arm you with the tools that will assist in your success.

Today more than ever it is crucial for our youth to be able to compete on a world level. Without the essential life skills/soft skills/core competencies our children will find it more difficult to stand apart and differentiate themselves from their world competitors. Learning to brand yourself and be able to effectively communicate the value you bring to a workplace are invaluable skills.

This book is also a call to action to the youth to say, “Hey, we’re not going to accept what is out there: Underemployment, large-student debt, mismatch of skills, contract positions, and increase in mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.” Myself and other youth advocates are joining forces to bring awareness to the looming youth crisis, challenge the systems in place and provide solutions. I ask that any youth who wants to be part of this change please come forward and email me at This is about bringing sustainable and executable change.


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