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What has been the most unexpected breakthrough in your life?

Thanksgiving weekend seems like a good time to make breakthroughs. Here are some of the responses found in Oprah’s Magazine, Aug. 2014 (and still relevant!)

“After weighing myself every day for more than 35 years, I decided to let go and removed the scale from our house. Not knowing that number allows me to enjoy food and even indulge every now and then.”
Wendy Ellin

“Working with hospice patients taught me far more about living than dying. Now that I’m disabled at 56, I can better navigate life’s upsets and celebrate its pleasures.”
Lori Rigotti
Jacksonville, Florida

“Shortly after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, a younger cousin called to tell me she’d been diagnosed with breast cancer, too. The news forced me to think beyond my own illness – and being there for her was a blessing for me.”
Marie Daniely
Oxon Hill, Maryland

Discovering that I’m actually smart! When I was younger, my high school counselor told my parents I wasn’t smart enough to go to college. At age 54, I decided to enroll, and I graduated two years later. You can do anything when you believe in yourself.”
Dorit Blubaugh
Danville, Indiana

“Finding out my son is on the autism spectrum. For years my spouse and I had beaten ourselves up as parents, believing we had done something wrong. We finally found relief when he was diagnosed. Now we can help him and celebrate our beautiful child and all of his gifts.”
Theresa S.
Wilmington, Massachusetts

“After 18 years at a company I loved, my position was eliminated. I was devastated – until I moved to plan B and became a certified health and wellness coach. Now I help people improve their bottom line instead helping a corporation build theirs.”
Barbara Briguglio
Bedford, New Hampshire

“Coming to understand that happiness is found within. Life is a journey, and each moment can be one of happiness if I open my eyes to it.”
Miriam Gibb
Port Moody, British Columbia

“Realizing that regardless of the goal, when I follow my values, everything falls into place.”
Angela Winkle
Eureka, California

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