One Gen Z has impacted my life…. and made the world better

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I had the pleasure and fortune of being introduced to Taylor Fulton-Girgis; a 16 year-old young woman who has impressed and inspired me. I initially met her father, Michael Girgis, through a work-related meeting and he invited me to attend TUFF, Toronto Urban Film Festival so I can see a short-video contest live and get a sense of a current project I am working on. TUFF was impressive and at the event I met Michael’s wife and daughter. They were both incredible. In fact, the whole family is amazing. I have not met a family like this in a long time – true, authentic, loving people. They have an energy that can light up a room.

When I met Taylor we talked and it was evident that empowering people, women in particular, was and is important. I concur. In fact, my entire work is about empowering and engaging people. This is true from the book that I wrote on empowering the youth with life skills needed to survive and thrive in today’s society, to my cause marketing work – corporate social responsibility, to the kidz2kiz fundraising I do with others.

What really blew me away was Taylor’s dedication to make a difference. She invited me to a fundraiser she held on a Saturday afternoon (see pictures above) in which she was raising funds for a women’s empowerment centre in Kenya. She has travelled there and is committed and passionate about making a difference in this part of the world. We all know that educating and empowering people is the beginning to bringing change.

I showed up a little late as I had a previous engagement. When I arrived I missed the speech however I was fortunate enough to see the Kenyan-born boys’ choir sing. They were incredible. I truly enjoyed myself as did the entire crowd. As you can see she had baskets put together for a silent auction. Taylor set up a donation link online through her site which I donated to. When I went online I noticed her goal had been surpassed and she raised over $8,000 dollars. I think she well surpassed $10,000. That is incredible for a young woman of 16. She is determined and dedicated. I love it!

She has been involved with Me to We and this is a good footing. I see her as a leader and will use this as a stepping stone to go out into the world and make an even bigger difference. One factor that helps her are her tremendously supportive and proud parents.

I have told Taylor that I would like to do something together and I mean it. I don’t just say things. I look forward to learning from her and imparting my wisdom on her (if she wants …lol).

The Fulton-Girgis family has made a forever impact on my life. In fact, I also see working with her father and mother. I can see their intuitive and creative way. It is moving and inspiring.

Who have you met recently that has made a difference in your life? Stay open to casual meetings for you never know who will enter into your life and bring a ray of sunshine.

To learn more about the work that Taylor does go to

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

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