I spoke to a young woman that I know who has recently returned to school to do her masters in science. She is choosing her thesis topic. Initially she talked about the topic of competition between men and women in the workplace and how in pressure situations men fare better. This launched into a whole discussion about women in the workplace and why there are not more women in senior roles and on boards, particularly in Canada. Also, how women have been trying to behave more like men rather than combining their “male” quality of speaking their truth and setting boundaries along with their more “feminine” qualities of nurturing and being compassionate.

She talked about systems and how they are hard to break. She did not know how we are going to break cycles that already exist. I told her that cycles can be broken and paradigms can shift: one person at a time. She disagreed and said that one person cannot change a system nor make a difference and that he or she will be “squashed” and forced to leave. She has come from the banking world where she has seen this happen.

I reminded her that the financial systems are crumbling and that change is imminent whether people want the change. The systems are falling apart because they cannot be sustained. There has been no accountability nor responsibility, especially in the United States at any level: individual, corporate or government. All levels have failed. Now is the time to break the cycles that brought this very system down.

To get back to the question at hand, can one person make a difference? My answer is a resounding YES. I want to take Steve Jobs and what he has done for Apple and the tech industry in the last decade +. Initially Steve Jobs was forced to leave Apple, a company he co-founded. Likely he did not fit into the system that was being created and yes he was forced to leave. This did not stop him and yes it did take some time however he did return to resume his leadership role at Apple and through his vision and determination, he brought Apple to forefront of the industry, bypassing all his competitors.

I truly believe that initially the world was not ready for Steve Jobs and we needed to catch up to his vision. When we did, all exploded. Apple went from a company that was known more for design and became a household name; every child I know wants an Apple computer, IPOD, IPAD and IPHONE.

There are very few Steve Jobs in the world however, each and every one of us can make a difference. We all have greatness within and with our passions and talents we can begin to touch peoples’ lives. It is said that each person “touches” the lives of 1,000 people in their lifetime. Imagine if you touched the life of one person, you are actually touching the lives of 1,000 people. Multiply this out and if you touch the lives of 10 people than you are actually touching the lives of 10,000 people. It has also been said to me that in order to make a difference and see change it only takes 1/4 of 1% of the population. This is a very small number of people compared to the volume of people that buy into fear and negativity.

The world can change one person at a time. Eventually there will be more and more people who think, feel and believe the same. This collective energy then begins to impact humanity for the better.

This weekend we are celebrating Thanksgiving in Canada. There is much to be thankful for. As you sit around the table with your family and friends be aware that you have the ability to influence and impact the lives of others, some you don’t even know. Take the time and listen to what others are saying and asking. Speak from a place of love and kindness, people can feel that.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate. I also wanted to acknowledge Yom Kippur, the time for looking within and asking forgiveness for our sins and then being written into the book of life. As humans we all make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. Let’s choose to be our best and give back to others. Each one of us can make a difference even if it is smiling at your neighbour and lifting their spirits for the day.

Enjoy this beautiful weekend.

All my love,


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