One Person’s Garbage Is Another Person’s Treasure

Posted Friday, September 2nd, 2011. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

I just helped my boyfriend move over the last few days. Yesterday I went with him to his marital home where he needed to move out his things. I did meet his soon-to-be-ex, who was cordial to me and I extended the same. There were a few moments where I needed to calm things down. During one interchange between them, the soon-to-be-ex comes outside the room I was packing and she looked at me and said, “Sandra good luck”.

I didn’t respond because I remember thinking the same thing about my ex. “Good luck and good riddance”. Then it really dawned on me .. one person’s garbage is another person’s treasure. When I was outside my boyfriend said he heard what his “ex” had said. I turned to him and repeated my comment. He didn’t get it at first because he was in move mode but when I smiled and explained don’t listen for I too felt the same as she did.

What does that really mean? Initially two people come together for a reason. This reason is not always evident. It may come from lifetimes of being together (if you believe this) and it is time to break the karmic debt to one another. It may be something from this lifetime. Whatever it is, be grateful, for when you do discover that relationship that really makes a difference you will know. Saying this, I am not encouraging that someone out there will save you or that you do not need to do your own work first and go within and explore why you were in this relationship, for this is necessary.

I do know that different people bring out different things in us: some compliment, other’s drag us down. Having been separated/divorced for 5 1/2 years I have done so much work. When I initially met my boyfriend, he was more serious, more closed in certain ways (and yes I have been closed for so long too — but slowly opening up) and smiled a little. Today, he is much more open and smiles a lot more. I have challenged his paradigms and thinking patterns. He is a tremendous person and has grown so much through his choices and actions. I am there to support him but really it comes from him, as with all people: The changes come from within by shifting your belief systems, choices and actions. I like to think of him as my diamond in the ruff.

This is not the person that his ex sees and that’s ok. She has her experience with him and from that chooses how she sees him. I do the same with my ex. Really, who are we to take away that from someone else. If two people choose to split, then hopefully once any bitterness/sadness/anger moves past you, then each can begin to live their lives the way that they really want.

Do not waste or spend your time wondering what someone else sees in your “ex” friend/partner/business associate – just know “ONE PERSON’S GARBAGE IS ANOTHER PERSON’S TREASURE”.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend on this last weekend before school.

WOW can you believe it.

All my love,


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