One voice about the “weight” thing

Posted Thursday, February 7th, 2013. Filed Under My Daily Dose

This was sent to me by a close friend. I wanted to share her thoughts:

“We need, as a society to rethink the whole “weight” thing. The diet industry is a billion or more dollar industry telling people they have to look a certain way. The problem is that the diet industry is selling an image not a healthy way of living. In order to be healthy, humans need to be eating healthily most of the time (an occasional piece of chocolate cake is fine). The Canada Food Guide is probably the best food guide to follow. Exercise is so important for health. Cave men and women did not sit for hours at a computer. They stood, they walked, they ran, they moved. Body Mass Index (BMI) is now being rethought. It is an outdated mode of determining health and wellbeing and longevity. The healthiest, longest living seniors usually have a BMI of 26 (above the BMI recommended for health). They are neither skinny nor obese and if they are active they live longer, healthier lives. Active does not mean running marathons. Walking at a brisk pace regularly is considered active. All the models in our magazines are airbrushed. They may be healthy or may not be healthy. We do not know. It is all about balance. Our society has gone away from this balance.”

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