Oprah Magazine “How To” series, October 2012

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How To Find Inspiration in Unexpected Places, written by Roger Wieck, curator at the Morgan Museum Library and Museum:

‘I grew up in Covington, Kentucky, a town where, during Prohibition, people came to get their booze, get their women, and gamble. It wa still somewhat seedy when I was a child in the 1950s, but mostly it was just poor. My father was a bartender and my mother a housewife, and when I was 4 and 5 years old, one of the few treats we could afford was a trip to White Castle. I loved playing with the boxes the hamburgers came in, which were shaped like miniature castles, and said WHITE CASTLE in gothic script. Flash forward a few decades, and I’m working every day with the kind of art that features turreted castles – I curate medieval and Rennaissance manuscripts.

Years ago at a dinner at the Morgan, an East coast patron asked me how a boy from Kentucky got interested in illuminated manuscripts. Instantly, the White Castle box popped into my head. If you told me when I was 6, “Someday you’ll work in a museum surrounded by fantastic art from the Middle Ages,” I’d have said it was as likely I’d work on Mars. Life’s inspirations can come from anywhere. Even a piece of trash.”

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