Oprah Magazine: If you could make over anything what would it be?

Posted Friday, September 13th, 2013. Filed Under My Daily Dose

In the July issue, p. 18 this question was raised. Here are a couple of responses:

All plastic would be biodegradable. The inventors clearly never asked themselves, “What happens next?”
Eileen Francisco
San Mateo, California

The news. I am so tired of hearing “spin” and would love to separate politics from the news media and have only the facts presented. We could use less rehashing of the same stories of war and violence and more inspiration for helping others.
Ruth Todd
Columbia, South Carolina

When I was growing up it always bothered me that suburban neighbourhoods were prettier than urban areas. I’d create access to nature’s beauty in all places – mandatory green spaces would instil community pride in all.
Pat Williams

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