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The November issue of my Oprah magazine was full of great tips and tools. I want to share what women had to share when asked, “If you could offer one piece of advice to the world, what would it be and why?”
(p. 16)

“Share your story. Someone who is going through a hard time needs to know that you’ve been there too. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – and better.” Nichole Bazemore – Riverdale, Georgia

“Laugh at least once a day, because you can’t predict what’s coming around the corner. I lost my twin sister 12 years ago, and though it took awhile to find the joy in anything after she passed, my memories of us together make me laugh.” Karla Patton – Cairo, Illinois

“Act in a loving way toward all living things. We have abused and overused the Earth for so many years – we need to slow down and look closely at our actions. You never know what they will lead to down the road.” Nancy Poetes – Port Angeles, Washington

“Nobody is perfect. If someone is having a bad day, give her room to be human – compassion can always turn things around.” Joni Gentle-Sassenrath – San Diego

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