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What do you turn to when you need a pick me up?

Women share what they do to pick themselves up:

“When I am feeling down, I turn to the desert. It’s a perfect remedy. My favorite plant is the saguaro cactus, which provides birds and other animals with shelter, food, and moisture. It can withstand hundreds of years of harsh climate, and it reminds me that my bad day will end and life will always move on.”
Tamara Greabell
Goodyear, Arizona

“I scrapbook when I’m feeling down. Looking at pictures and saving them in an album for future generations lifts my spirits. Plus, it’s cheaper than therapy.”
Jennifer Knight
Cottonwood, California

“I have a no-fail method: Do something nice for somebody else! Whether it’s running an errand for a friend, visiting Mom, buying someone a cup of coffee, or putting money in a stranger’s parking meter, there are so many things you can do. I guarantee you will fell lifted!”
Laura Firthun
Levittown, New York

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