I am sorry that I did not get to post this last week. It was such a busy time with the boys. So here is the information from the Oprah article: What one thing in life can you always count on?

Here are different answers from some of the contributors:

“I can always count on my daughter Alexandra to keep me looking forward, instead of settling for the past.”

“I can always count on a walk in the woods to clear my mind. As a child, I loved playing in nature near brooks and little waterfalls. I still feel at home there.”

” I can always count on my best friend to show me where I am wrong – in a loving way. I feel such acceptance from her – she may be the only person whose criticism I listen to!” (I can totally relate!!)

“I can always count on my inner voice to show me the right path.”

I can always count on my sister, Jennifer, to support me. Whether I am happy or sad, passing or failing, sober or drunk, enrolled or dropped out, married or divorced, blissfully pregnant or postpartum and depressed, gay or straight, employed or in college, she’s always been there for me – and I can’t remember life without her.”

What do you always count on….

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