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I watched Oprah’s last show along with millions, maybe 100 of millions of people. I loved every minute of it. She reminisced about her adventure and journey with this show and how the show grew and she grew, together. Oprah kept referring to the viewers as the raison d’etre and to be honest that is the truth. She fed us what we were ready to hear and what we needed to hear.

She is one of the first talk show hosts that really challenged WHO WE ARE not just WHAT WE ARE. What was comforting is that she took her format to a place where we can all relate – we are NEVER alone. Many people shared their “dark, deepest secrets” on this show before sharing with it with family, friends and loved ones.

This show was as much of a healing tool for us as it was for her. Realizing and knowing that you are not alone is a tremendous feeling; one of profound support even when you do not know the person or the person lives thousands of miles away, maybe even continents.

What Oprah did for tv was she was able to “humanize” and bring a truth to television like no one else. She is a very intuitive and astute person. What was most inspirational was when she shared that we all have a calling and it is up to each of us to find, determine and become aware of this calling. For her the calling was her work and television and print. For others it may be being a nurturer, a great mother/father/grandparent/child, and so on. She reiterated a belief that I hold dearly — we must stop being the victim in our own lives. We must learn to take responsibility and accountability for our choices and actions.

Everything in life is a choice. We have the choice to change any story that we have been telling ourselves — too dumb, too smart, too skinny, too fat, too poor, too ugly, too pretty…. the list goes on. When we truly come to love and honour ourselves, we begin to follow our heart as our own guide.

Life takes many twists and turns .. for Oprah, for you, for me. She is on to the next journey of her life. She will continue her work from a different standing point – more behind the camera. She will continue to influence us. I feel her exit at this time is perfect for now WE MUST TAKE OUR POWER BACK AND DECIDE WHO WE ARE AND WHAT LIFE WE WANT TO LIVE. Be brave and go for it. You may fall down, people may laugh and none of that matters as long as you are true to you and follow your heart and desire.

That is exactly what I am doing. While this week was fraught with much lessons, I am taking them and choosing what knowledge can I gain from these experiences. I KNOW IN MY HEART THAT I AM ON THE RIGHT TRACK: YOUTH EMPOWERMENT, MENTORING AND GUIDING. I will continue on this path and in the meantime do what I need to do to make money to allow me to continue to do so. I am looking at an opportunity which will take me in a different direction however I stay open to the possibilities and it will also allow me to continue my youth work.

Find your passion, your truth, your calling and go for it. This life is short and we never know what will happen. My close friend shared a story that her client was killed this week in a car/train accident. It was a shock and for me really put things in perspective. Do not delay. It takes courage however when you are following your calling/passion/truth nothing can stop you.

Take some time this weekend and find a quite place to just go into your heart energy. What is it that makes you feel good? What makes you want to get up every morning? Make a list. Slowly you will find what it is that you really enjoy. It might take time, it may happen immediately. Do not be hard on yourself. Find someone you trust and who knows you and will challenge and push you …. let them be part of this process however you will make the final decision; what is right for you, not them. If this is too overwhelming then just close down your mind and enjoy the moment; be grateful for all that is in your life. Your passion and calling will hit you when it is meant to and when it does, hold on world here you come!

Have a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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