Our Children Respond to Our “Walking Our Talk”

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Wow, I had the most incredible experience with my son, who is 10 and a half years old. He is part of the gifted program where he attends a different school one day a week with other gifted children his age in our region – York Region. His assignment was to write a story where he provided the outline. I told him that he needed to finish this up on Sunday morning before his friend can come over for the day.

He woke up at 7:15 am and went downstairs to do his work. He came back up an hour later and presented me with his story. His original title was the Unlucky Four Leaf Clover. I sat up and read this story – it was 5 pages with clip art pictures supporting his work. When I finished I sat back and looked at him and before I said anything I thought, this is profound. I looked at him and said, “this is incredible”. I suggested a few tweaks and changing the title to The Four Leaf Clover.

This boy named Johnny woke up to find a four leaf clover. He thought this was the best day ever. Everything went well that day – his mom made him pancakes for breakfast, he found a $20 bill on the way to school, he got an A+ on his math test, everyone wanted to play with him and no homework. He came home and the good luck continued. At 4:30pm he received a call from his friend, Josh, reminding him that he forgot his four leaf clover at his house. This took Johnny by surprise and then he felt bad because he thought he stole the four leaf clover. He was so scared that he didn’t tell his friend Josh that he had the four leaf clover. He knew bad luck would come now. It did. He fell down the stairs, had to eat vegetables for dinner, and the cat peed on his pillow before going to bed. This was the worst day ever. (In his words and the moral) Right before he went to bed his mom told him, “the only reason you have bad luck is because you think you do, and when you have good luck it’s because you thought you did, so you always will have good luck and bad luck depending what you think”. Nightie night said my mom.

My son presented this at school the next day. I wondered if the other kids got it. When he came home I asked him how it went and he said great. He said they discussed the moral and everything. I then asked him what did they think the moral of his story is and he said, you become what you think, feel and be. I gave him a big hug and said exactly, you have a choice of what you choose to think, feel and be. You can choose to be happy or sad.

The I Can Do It speakers event was recently in town where there are incredible speakers: Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Wayne W. Dyer, Ph.D and many more. I know people that paid $100s of dollars to attend. The profound message my son just shared is something that these spiritual, enlightened speakers share with others as well. In fact, when I read my son’s story I couldn’t stop thinking of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and two books that he wrote on the topic of how our thoughts impact us. One book is titled, A New Way of Thinking, A New Way of Being and the second book, which many people know about and have read is titled, “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life”. Both books, while vary slightly in content I am sure, still hold the premise that when you change you thoughts you change your outcome…. you become what you think.

OUR CHILDREN GET IT! I have been studying the Tao Te Ching (written by a wise old Chinese man -about ‘a way of being’) and there is a parent’s version for children. Many of the verses that I have read consistently say the same thing that our children are here for their own experiences and we need to back off and stop enabling them. The kids get it and if they do not than they will learn by “failure”, falling down and getting right back up. That is where we are there as the adults to teach and guide them.

I know that they more I “lecture” my children the less impact I have HOWEVER the more that I walk my talk – and YES they do often call me on it — the more my children learn the lesson.

We just finished our first Kidz2Kidz drive, collecting gently used sports equipment for kids in need. My family was over for dinner and I was showing them the article that was written up about them and other kids that are involved. My family turned to my younger son and asked him what Kidz2Kidz is all about. He said it is a group of kids that have come together and collect sports stuff for kids who need it. He was looking at them like, “DUH, of course I know, do you??”. Check out kidz2kidz.ca for more info!.

Let’s get our kids involved and show them “how to” and walk our talk so that they can take this over and lead our world in a better way.

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