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After what seems like an eternity, the US election will come to an end. Whether you believe Hillary is a liar or you think Trump is an idiot or the opposite, you love one of the candidate choices, it is your duty and luxury to vote.

The prediction is that there will be low voter turn out, particularly for the Democrats. I hope not. I am Canadian and when the election happened last year people struggled with whom to vote for: Harper – the totalitarian or Trudeau – the pretty boy who happens to have a famous last name. Many people I knew were going to choose Trudeau because they were sick of Harper; the lesser of the two evils. When the Liberals won with a landslide people were ecstatic thinking things will change. From my observation very little has changed. We did let in 25,000 refugees and our debt has risen. Time will tell.

As for the US election it will have a world impact. If Trump is able to carry out some of his platform initiatives it could affect many countries and the same goes for Hillary. We must keep in mind that many of the promises made by either side will likely not come to fruition or at least in the totality of its promise, rather a version of it.

No one knows what the future holds however we must deal with the present. On Tuesday, November 8th is the US election for president. Many people are frustrated and the news agencies have not made it any better. My sister and son recently returned from Europe and they are looking at this election coverage as a reality show. The truth is that this election can have many impacts not just within the USA rather around the world.

I encourage every person to vote: have a voice. Even if you are not sure it is better you go to the poll and decide at that moment in time to vote for the person you believe will be the best option (or lesser of two evils). If you do not than your silence will only be usurped by the strong and militant people who do know who they want in power. Do not allow the outcome to be one of default meaning, the person was selected because they received most of the votes of people who did vote.

My other comment is that voting is a privilege. We in North America take this for granted. We have the luxury of choice while in many countries there is no choice or the electoral process is so corrupt that it would not make a difference. We live in a free democratic country for all intense purposes and I believe it is our duty to exercise this right and privilege.

Please, take time this weekend for my US readers and consider who you will vote for. Do not listen to anyone but your inner voice.

Good luck and we’ll see what shakes out on Tuesday.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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