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I was given a book for my birthday a couple of years ago and I just picked it up to read. I am really enjoying it. It is called: be happy: release the power of happiness in YOU. by author Robert Holden,Ph. D. I truly believe you read things when you are meant to -things resonate a lot different depending what’s going on in your life.

For many, many years I was unhappy … searching for happiness. I am sure that some of you have felt or feel the same way. What I love about this book, and I am only 50 pages into it, is that it put things into perspective for how I felt in my past. Today I am happy. However what I have realized with this book and also through my own awareness that even at the darkest times in your life, happiness is always a choice.

I want to share a few quotes that in the least will make you sit back and ponder:

“Only by calling off the search for happiness will you discover just how happy you really can be.” (p.46)

“Happiness is a spiritual path. The more you learn about true happiness, the more you discover the truth of who you are, what is important, and what your life is really for.” (p.44)

“Nothing in the world can make you happy, but everything in the world can encourage you to be happy.” (p.36)

In this book the author states that he believes that happiness is not taught; it is recognized. He says, “we don’t learn happiness as if for the first time; we remember happiness, we consciously reconnect to happiness, and we remind ourselves what happiness is.”

I received a facebook response from this younger girl that I know (around 25 years old) and she said in the email, “I found my mojo – so happy it’s back”. I had just started this book and I remarked that you never lost it — you just didn’t see it. Some people checked “liked” for they got what I was saying.

I have been that 25 year old that felt she lost he mojo, life was not happy, and how can I be happy. I realize that it is a choice and I truly believe it begins with loving and honouring yourself; being true to your heart and what you really want in life. We all know that money does not make us happy, yes it definitely helps pay the bills, however happiness is a feeling – it is part of who we are.

In the book, the author links joy and love with happiness. In his experience, people have expressed that true happiness is when they are in joy. It is not tied to an activity, outcome or thing – it is a state of mind.

I am happy and the days I start to question myself – maybe and incident will happen – and I need to remind myself, this is not going to take away from my happiness.

I want to recommend this book to those who are struggling with happiness and their search. It is a wonderful book with great information for you to take away. There are some great exercises that will help you define your true happiness. It is not always easy to look within, however the outcome is amazing. It can literally change your life.

There is also a 6 week happiness course – depending on where you live perhaps you can take it. It has reached many people from all walks of life.

This weekend sit back and enjoy. Know that whatever is going on in your life, happiness is always there for the taking.

Have a wonderful weekend,

All my love,


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