Out of sight, Out of mind

Posted Wednesday, February 24th, 2010. Filed Under My Daily Dose

Have you ever tried to run away from your problems?  Well, trying to push something out of sight and out of mind does not work.

Here is a something I got from an email:

When faced with issues, rather than invest time and energy to solve the problem, often we try to move the problem – either to someone else’s desk, someone else’s department, or even someone else’s city.

I saw this in plain sight when I visited the Philippines last month. The government there is working hard to transfer many of Manila’s homeless to a different city. However, they are being moved; not empowered, educated, enlightened or encouraged. It’s a transfer. Not a solution. The problem still exists. Just not on the streets of Manila.

It’s not enough to move a difficult employee to another branch. I heard that the new ‘solution’ for nuclear waste is to set it adrift on a barge. At least then, the nuclear energy won’t sit one place. No, this way it will reach many different places. Good move.

Moving problems never solves the issue. The problems still exists, even if you don’t have to see it or smell it.

In our own lives, we often try to move our own issues around, without actually trying to solve them. We may squelch one addiction, only to develop another one; because we’ve transferred the need, instead of getting to the root and removing it. We may fill one sense of emptiness, but if there are general insecurity or inadequacy issues, and they are not addressed on a causal level, they will pop up in another area of our lives.

When things look okay, it doesn’t mean that they are okay. Even when the sanitation trucks leave our neighborhoods, remember, the refuse goes somewhere else.

I know many people who’ve moved jobs or houses in search of something better. But because they seek to change their environment, without taking responsibility to change themselves, only the scenery changes. The issues stay the same. You can’t quit a job because of a tyrannical boss. That boss will show up in a different costume on a different set at your next job. This isn’t my prediction. This is a spiritual truth.

Out of sight, out of mind doesn’t work – not spiritually or physically.

This week, let’s take an honest look at our issues, even the ones we think we’ve overcome. Have we really resolved the issues, or have we simply displaced them? Are we looking for solutions on the outside, when the real solution is to change the inside?

We can use the visual mantra below to allow us to get to the roots. The good news is that when we really remove the problem at its roots, we are simultaneously creating more room within for genuine fulfillment and not simply relief.

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