Passing on This Benediction for 2011

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From Kim Clausen: Ready 2 Go Marketing Solutions

Hi Sandra,

I love benedictions.
A benediction is
an utterance of good wishes,
or the form of a blessing
that one bestows upon another.

For 2011, I would like to offer you a benediction.


In 2011, I wish for you these things:

May you reflect upon 2010 and feel GRATEFUL.

Grateful for your accomplishments and success,
and even for the challenges that helped you grow
in wisdom and experience.

May you look to 2011 and be filled with HOPE.

Hope in all things that matter most to you –
love, family, relationships, good health, joy, and prosperity

May you approach 2011 with BELIEF.

Belief that you can be abundant,
Belief that you deserve to be prosperous,
and belief that you bring value to those you serve.

And may you step into 2011 with great ANTICIPATION.

Anticipation for success in all areas of your life,
and for the achievement of your dreams.

This is what I wish for you –
gratitude, hope, belief and anticipation.

Here’s to an amazing 2011!

Kim Clausen, President
Ready2Go Marketing Solutions, Inc.

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