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I wanted to share this with you for if you can learn this at a young age you will do well! Patience is not about time and space – it is about learning to let things unfold as they are meant to. For me it is letting go of the expectation and trusting in the process – selling my house, finding a good school for my boys, or whatever it is.
Some of you are finished University for the year and might be looking for a job or what you will do in the summer.  Decide what you like, meet people who may be able to open doors or introduce you to someone who may give you more information. Just stay open to the possibilities for I know that when I have gotten or get so stuck on a goal I lost site of other opportunities that come my way.  
Enjoy the journey.

Have a great holiday if you are celebrating.  Be grateful for all that is in your life: food on the table, roof over your head, clothes on your back, family and friends that support you.
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