Paying tribute to Zig Ziglar

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Zig Ziglar influenced, motivated and inspired 100,000s if not millions of people around the world. He was a true pioneer in the work of motivational speaking.

I had the pleasure of seeing him speak and he was such a great orator.

I want to share what one of my “guides” has to say about Zig and his influence of him.

This is what Seth Godin has to say about Zig Ziglar:

Thank you, Zig

My teacher Zig Ziglar died this morning. He was 86.

Thanks for teaching me how to sell and why it mattered.

Thanks for reminding me how much it mattered to care.

Thanks for telling us a fifteen-minute story about Johnny the Shoe Shine Genius, so compelling that I flew to the airport just to meet him.

Thanks for 72 hours of audiotapes, listened to so many times I wore out the cassettes twice.

Thanks for that one day we spent backstage together in Milwaukee.

Thanks for making goal setting so clear.

Thanks for elevating the art of public speaking, and making it personal, not something to be copied.

Thanks for believing in us, the people you almost never met in person, for supporting us with your voice and your stories and your enthusiasm.

Thanks for teaching so many people, people who will continue to remember you and to teach as well.

You’ll be missed.

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