Peace Tree Spirit – 4th Annual Mini Conference

Posted Thursday, October 22nd, 2009. Filed Under Voices of wisdom, Voices of youth

In York Region, which I live, there are 1 million people speaking 60 languages. Can you imagine? How can we learn to live together in peace and tolerance and love?

The York Regional Police and York Region School Board came together with the intiative of bringing schools together. This is the fourth year and it started with 6 schools (or something like that) and today there were 37 schools.

The intention of the Peace Tree Spirit mini-conference is to share ideas, learn new ways of how to bring peace to our homes, schools and community.

The kids watched a movie written and directed by Mitra Sen called The Peace Tree. It is about two little girls, one Muslim and one Christian, both dream of celebrating each other’s festivals Christmas and Eid. But when they share their dreams, they are met with resistance from their parents who express their concerns. Through their struggles, they create a unique symbol – The Peace Tree, a tree that highlights the symbols from all our cultures and faiths to reflect the beauty of ‘diversity in unity’.

You as the youth talk about PEACE now let’s see you live it.

How can you be a Peace Tree Ambassador to your community?

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