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In the National Post article: Praise for Peer-to-Peer Sharing posted Monday, March 9, 2015 author Zoe McKnight shares how 5 women come together to support one another in life and work.

The women, ranging in age from thirties to late fifties, sat together chatting at what looked like a girls night out except for the iPhone timer, which signals it’s someone else’s turn to talk and there were worksheets written by a “strategic revenue” optimizer. The night was all about goals.

This group has met regularly in the past year to dissect their personal and professional lives and help each other set goals.

Rather than the conference centres, trade shows and paid entry workshops of classic handshake networking, they sought a more personal, holistic approach to growing their businesses.

It is a mastermind group formula. At their first meeting, they wrote letters to themselves outlining where they wanted to be in a year. After one year they broke the seal. It was fascinating for them to see what they wrote and what they have accomplished. It is also welcome to have a feeling of belonging for these women.

The group uses worksheets for making personal, family and business plans. Everyone gets 15 minutes to share an idea or challenge and seek input.

Starting groups like this or mastermind groups are important to help entrepreneurs feel less isolated. It also connects people who want mentors and cannot afford or find one.

Support groups are not just for small, local entrepreneurs. The worldwide network Entrepreneur’s Organization with 10,000 members in 46 countries, list chief executives from Dell, Spanx and AOL as current and former members on its website. To join, a business owner must head a company with more than $1 million in a revenue, and pay an annual fee of about $4000. Members are not allowed to solicit business from one another and must sign a confidentiality agreement. By speaking opening about their struggles, members bolster the resolve and confidence of those around them.

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