I was invited yesterday by a friend, Lorne Simon, co-founder of R.I.D.E. Checks the rewards booklet and host of the R.I.D.E. launch. It was held at Humber College, the home to this event for the last 7 years. For me it was my first exposure and it was tremendous to see the community, police, CAA and advocates speakers such as millennial, Patricia J., TV Host, reporter, producer and writer and Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan from Z103.5 join together to be part of this event.

These people gave their time to bring awareness to a program that is designed to ultimately help us make good choices during the holiday season: TO DRIVE RESPONSIBLY – NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.

I attended the breakfast first and listened to Patricia J, a young inspiring woman, share why she is so passionate about this topic. She has even written PSAs to bring awareness. We had a chance to see and listen to the PSA at the breakfast. Her boundless energy and authentic caring, is evident. I had a chance to speak to Patricia and she was telling me how she knows of young people making bad decisions and these are not people she chooses to be friends with. She is a woman who walks her talk. I have tremendous respect for her. It is powerful to have youth advocates such as Patricia J. speak up against this.

She, along with Z103.5 radio hosts Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan, can really impact the youth and their decisions. I didn’t know this however age 22 and under it is a ZERO tolerance. My son will be driving in the next year and I think it is important from the beginning for him to understand what the rules are. He is not of legal age to drink however knowing up front what the law is will help it become imbedded in his mind.

I liked seeing the financial and personal support from the Ontario Government to this program. We need to stand together and support this as this is completely avoidable. It is about making good decisions. Seeing so many police offers there was also inspiring. It is these men and women who risk their lives every day for our safety. Thank you!

Last night when I went out for dinner I was the designated driver. I told them I will likely not drink and if I do I will only drink half a glass at most as I was driving (I eat lots of food to absorb this!). I know that as adults it is important to lead by example.

I was talking to an officer at the event and he told me how they still catch about 1100 people a year drinking and driving and this does not account for the countless people who do so and don’t get caught.

It is not worth it.

To be ok to drive you must be under 0.05% limit. Anything over 0.05% is chargeable. With a blood reading of 0.08% you will have your car impounded for 3 days if I recall what the officer told me.

A charge can also remain on your record. It is not worth it.

I was told that you can pick up from Costco these breathing tests that tell you where you are at. It is not completely 100% accurate, however, it will give you a good idea where you stand.

Along with drinking and driving we need to reduce/eliminate texting and driving. This combined with drinking is lethal and can kill you and an innocent person(s).

I am not sure what the laws are in the USA. I am sure they vary from State to State. You are about to celebrate your biggest holiday, Thanksgiving, next week. When you go to a friend or family’s house to celebrate remember to make good choices for you and your loved ones.

I want to end with the links to the R.I.D.E. checks site.

Twitter: @RIDEcheck

Facebook: find Ride Checks on Facebook

Visit: ridechecks.com

There is a great booklet sponsored by CAA that is being handed out by police officers that contains a wealth of information, coupons, and questions/answers. If you are handed one, go through it.

Thank you CAA for caring and giving back in this way. I have used your CAA card for years and many of your services. I loved seeing the community engagement that you do. You are a leader and it gives me pride to be a CAA member.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Arrive Alive. Make good choices.

All my love,


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