Question: How can I attract wealth in my life?

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This week I am reading an interesting book called “The Power of your subconscious mind” by Joseph Murphy, PH.D.D.D.

Although I have read tons of books on the power of prosperity this one sums up how to attract wealth very well and it states the following: “True source of wealth” your subconscious mind is never short of ideas. There are within it an infinite number of ideas ready to flow into your conscious mind and appear as cash in your pocketbook in countless ways. This process will continue to go on in your mind regardless of whether the stock market goes up or down, or whether the pound sterling or dollar drops in value. Your wealth is never truly dependent on bonds, stocks, or money in the bank; these are really only symbols necessary and useful, of course, but only symbols. The point being is that if you convince your subconscious mind that wealth is yours, and that it is always circulating in your life, you will always and inevitably have it, regardless of the form it takes.”

Here is a daily exercise: three times a day for five minutes each time say to yourself the words, wealth-success, and finally once before going to sleep. Most people would use this affirmation “I am wealthy” however this doesn’t work because your subconscious mind knows and feels you are lying. By just saying the words wealth-success has incredible powers, it represent the inner power of the subconscious mind.

Now this may sound silly or very simple but just try it for 40 days and experience for your self what happens.

Let us know what happens!

We know that the messages we say to ourselves, our inner critic, are so important. We are all deserving — not entitled — deserving. It all starts with loving and honouring yourself and who you are. The more you feel worthy, the more that you will receive.

Do this exercise and start to feel it.

All of our best,

Sandra & Maritza

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