This is a good question and one that so many have asked — to their financial planner, their bank, their spouse, their friends and themself and now to us.

In previous articles I have talked about the relationship we have to money and our core beliefs surrounding this topic. Many of you keep hearing the topics:  Law of Attraction and What You Think About You Become/Attract.  Many of you will like to “attract a job, more money, good investments and abundance as a whole” however your mind is stuck in “fear of losing your job, losing your house, school payments, bills, debt, etc.”  This is my belief and I will share it — it is virtually impossible to attract what you want when your thought, energy and feeling is stuck in fear.


It All Starts With Gratitude
I am sure that some of you are sitting there thinking – what is she talking about? How can I change my financial situation by being grateful — for losing my job, for being worried about feeding my family … YES that is exactly what I am saying.  In order to start receiving what you want you MUST be grateful for what you currently have.

It can be that you are grateful that you are breathing, that you have a loving and supportive family and community, that you live in a free country with the freedom of speech that so many take for granted. How about having a roof over your head, food on the table, running water, and a place to sleep. You are right it may not be the 5 star life that you want. Your happiness begins within and if you can be happy and grateful and full of love for what you have, however meager you may conisder, than when you really begin to receive you will only be more grateful.

We are all deserving. Yes some have more than you — look around there are many I bet with less.  Abundance means different things to different people. I feel grateful that I have my health, my children, my family and friends, my freedom to make choices in my life and speak my truth. I am grateful for the lessons I am learning that brings me awareness. I am grateful for all the people that have entered my life — even for the short period. I am grateful to my grandfather for his ‘gift’.  I am grateful for the doors that closed so that I can look at new doors and new opportunities. The more grateful and the more I trust the more my business grows, my contacts and the abundance I receive. This can be the great savings I am finding on the purchases for my new house!  Thank you I am grateful — money in my pocket.

Part of learning about your finances and breaking it down goes beyond just the traditional explanations. I really want to empower you in so many ways – expand your way of thinking. With July 1st celebrated and July 4th coming – we in North America have much to be grateful for. Yes, for some it is tough financially and all I can say is tomorrow look around and be grateful for what you have and where you are at. Know that as your awareness grows and you learn more, you can make better decisions for you that will impact your family – finanacially being one.  Also, know that when you shift your thinking from a negative place to a more positive place many things will open up — you will see. I will love you to share these stories with me –

Enjoy your INDEPENDENCE DAY tomorrow! Look around and celebrate for what YOU DO HAVE.

All our best,

Sandra & Maritza

** Maritza added this exercise:

Here is an exercise I encourage each of you to do on a daily basis. Every day before you go to sleep say out loud at least 5 things you are grateful for. Next I want you to start thinking of how you can be financial free. what is your relationship to money? If for example you think money is the root of all evil you will never be financially independent. Instead say to yourself money is freedom, or money is power etc. My point is start shifting your negative beliefs about money and substitute for positive thoughts about money. I just finished completing a three day workshop from T. Harv , The secret of a millionaire mind” and it was amazing. I realized my relationship to money was not going to lead me to financial freedom no matter how much I make in my current job. What I realized was that I did not value money. T. Harv called this our money blue print. If we do not change our money blue print, which is all the negative relationship we have about money it would be difficult for us to be financially free.  Take a few minutes to reflect on this question”What is your relationship to money?” and write down what comes to mind, think about what you heard from your parents and see how that has affect your decisions about your finance.

“You Become What You Think About” — and feel!

Maritza Beltre


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