Rather than being reactive let’s start being proactive

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With the passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman, yet another accomplished actor and director, we need to ask ourselves what is really happening in our society and world today? I was a huge fan of his and it is a great loss to the acting world. Regardless of his fame and fortune beneath all of that he is a human being just like you and me.

While his death has garnered a lot of attention especially due to an heroine overdose, we focus on WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? WHO SOLD HIM THE DRUGS? He is only one of many North Americans that deal with addictions and potentially further mental health issues. While he was clean for 23 years something triggered him into a relapse.

I find our world today so reactionary. Rather than looking at the real issues and being proactive we more than not come from a reactionary, after-the-fact stance. I have been attending many forums, conferences and round tables and I can see that many people recognize there are issues that need to be addressed however rather than putting measures into place that empower, give life skills, skill sets and coping mechanisms we wait for a tragedy or something to trigger a reaction then we respond. And in my observation the focus becomes clouded and put into what I believe the wrong areas.

I recently met up with a woman this week, Margaret Wallis-Duffy, who despite being faced with extraordinary health issues beyond her control and forced to deal with a health care system that is great with acute care however lags with chronic issues, she took the bull by the horns. It was her life and she needed to find solutions for her. She saw a program about a doctor in Alberta that was testing a different way to deal with her issue and immediately jumped on board. He proactive way significantly reduced her prognosis and allowed her to heal. She approaches life and her causes in a proactive manner and with great determination. She is a pioneer in being proactive. For over 20 years she has run an integrative wellness centre at a time when many shunned or did not understand the thought process. Today a good portion of her business comes from doctor referrals; doctors who value the service she offers and the mind set her and her team provide. She has an online tv show, WOW TV, which again she pioneered seeing the large reach and benefit she can bring to so many people around the world.

We talked about aligning our concerns and actions. I know that the universe brought us together so we can begin to shake up the systems and challenge the way we approach things. This is everything from our health care and how we perceive health and wellness to our education system to how we view the future leaders of this country.

Margaret and I discusses the power of words and changing the way we talk about things:

ANTI-BULLYING or anything “ANTI”: time to look at empowerment and give human beings the tools so they can begin to feel hope and self worth with the larger intention of seeing a benefit in the reduction of addictive behaviour and/or low self esteem. For those dealing with larger mental health issues lets support those who deal front line and provide them with the resources they need to address this so they can help their clients become active participants in society – contributing fulfilled members of society.

HOSPITAL FOR SICK KIDS: why not call it what we desire, hospital for well kids

Being proactive means taking risks and potentially failing however learning, tweaking and making changes for what will work. It means taking responsibility for the outcome we desire and making choices based on what we know today.

If you are a person that suffers with addiction please allow those who truly care about your well-being to help you. It may be a family member, friend, service provider or even stranger. Do not suffer alone we want you to begin loving and honouring who you are and living a life full of joy (whatever that means to you).

For those that know they need to begin to make changes either in their exercise regime, eating habits, how they think, or whatever it is your are putting on the back burner, look into the faces of those who love you and know that they want you in their lives for many years. Take a baby step: ask questions, reduce any fears you have, break it down so whatever you choose to do is manageable and sustainable.

The more proactive we are in our own lives, the better it is for our world. The compound effect of caring: health, environment, relationships, finances — will impact the larger picture.

For me I do this internal work on a daily basis. Now I am turning to society and how we deal with issues:

economic choices at all levels of society (municipal, provincial, federal)
financial literacy
education and employment
training and development
skill sets/life skills

My work is focused on empowerment: giving the tools, resources and skill sets so that as human we can begin to take back our power and make better choices for our world.

We do not need to wait for an ice storm, tsunami, sinking of a ship, bomb going off for us to look at each other and know we are all connected and part of ONE world.

Time to be proactive! ACTION!

I want to wish you a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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