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I have taken on some pretty heavy topics in the last few weeks so today I want to lighten it up and shift the energy.

Today I want to focus on reconnecting. I received an email from someone who I haven’t really spoken to in a long time. He lives in New York and we developed a friendship after attending a workshop together many years ago. He helped me begin and launch my work on empowerment and for that I am grateful. He introduced me to some really wonderful people, who, as I connect my dots backwards, are playing a part in my forthcoming book for youth: So What’s Your Point, a youth handbook and tools for lifeskills, mentoring, guidance and more.

He sent me a note the other day to inform me of a mutual friend of ours who is struggling with breast cancer. She did not have coverage and decided to do her treatments in Mexico with specialized doctors. She called me when she returned to the US and we spoke for a bit. I am really glad she shared with me what she is going through so I can support her in any way that I can. When he sent me the note recently he was not aware that we had reconnected. He let me know she had been rushed to the hospital and now she is out. I will reach out to her.

I sat back when I got the email and thought about all the people in my life that I am reconnecting with. It has been weird for a while for people are popping back into my life, even if for only briefly to allow me to either look at that friendship and decide if I want to bring it back in or happy with where it is at. I been contacted by people who want to present business ideas, a friend from university days that I lost touch with, and yesterday I spoke to a woman who I was connected with out of California and I told her that I am putting her in my book as a reference to our work that was done. She was grateful.

It is the feeling I am getting while writing my book, that all the choices and decisions that I made over the last 14 years are coming forward as I connect the dots; All the courses I took, the workshops I led, the personal work and the people I have worked with for my own journey and growth, the books and articles I have read and articles I have written– all this is coming forward and somehow being brought into my work. As for the people I am reconnecting with, I am stepping back and just being in the moment. With the business opportunities that I am presented with, I feel good that these people see me as someone worthy of working with, MLM or traditional. With my friend from university she is going through a divorce and I am guiding her the best I can. I did tell her that this is her learning and journey and I can only guide her for she must do the work.

As we approach the holiday season to spend time with family and friends, think about who you may want to reconnect with. A friend of mine just lost her father to alzheimers after a 13 year battle with it. She said that her father’s best friend came up to her after the funeral and said he was upset that he didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. He was not told in the last two weeks prior to his friend’s death that something had changed. I hope that this man finds forgiveness for himself and can find his way to say goodbye. As for you, take time to think about who in your life would you like to reconnect with. I am not talking about the past boyfriend or girlfriend that in your mind you have created an illusion that you will see each other and everything will be the same. No, that is setting yourself up for failure. I hope that at this point in your life you are happy with your choices and if not than go within and see why YOU are not happy. I am talking about the frienships that were so strong at one point in your life and for some reason just dissolved for no apparent reason – maybe distance, maybe time. Connect. Use this time to reach out and say hi, sorry, how are you?, I missed you.

I went to a party last week to celebrate the birthday of this woman who turned 95 years old. She now lives in a retirement home and when she moved in she was unaware that one of her good friends from years past was living right across the hall from her. I spoke to the friend and she said, we reconnected like old friends as if no time had passed. I loved hearing that.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Connect and reconnect.

All my love,


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