Organize It! A lifestyle Company – I had the pleasure of meeting Rena Feldman through a close friend of mine. I recently have been in touch with her to discuss collaborating on our work. She is a wealth of information, knowledge and awareness in nutrition, holistic and environmental areas. She searches the world for her knowledge. Our work is in alignment in wanting to be of service, empower and make a difference in the world. She can be reached at 416-444-7890.

Kickstartnutrition – Dini Cohen, after graduating from the holistic program is building her practice as a holistic nutritionist. She has much personal experience with nutrition after dealing with her own nutritional issues (allergies). She can be reached at or 416-371-2059.

Dr. Len Green- Chiropractor – I believe in balancing your body through many ways – I have been using the services of Dr. Len Green and his brother Dr. Ron Green for many years. He can be reached at 416-923-2009.

The Craigleith Wellness Centre – This centre is owned by friends of mine, Dr. Ron and Jodi Green. It is situated near my cottage, Collingwood, Ontario. They provide a number of services: chiropractic (I love Justin’s work – chiropractor), massage, and naturopathic services. Please call them at 705-44508412.

Julia M. Pardo – RRPr – Julia is a natural Health Practitioner who also practices Acupuncture and is a Skin Care Specialist. She can be reached at 416-884-3681.

Seewah is a massage therapist who my mother and sister-in-law swear by his work. He can be reached at 905-886-1061.

Warren Blatt. – Associate Broker with INDEPENDENT Financial Concepts Group Ltd. I switched to him during my separation and we are building a great portfolio together. He is working with my needs. He is not limited to this and has created a team of bright people who offer a variety of services – insurance, tax and estate planning, stocks, etc. He can be reached at 416-486-3989 ext. 235 or by cell @ 416-319-8172.

Jeff Kaminker – Jeff is the founder of Frontwater Capital Inc. I have turned to Jeff to create and build my wealth. I enjoy his laid back style, where he can take the sophisticated and explain and teach you in a more simplified way. He makes it easy to ask all the questions you want and he breaks it down for you so that you understand and can make good sound financial decisions that serve you and your family. I refer Jeff to others for he is authentic, straightforward, and works with integrity. I trust him and his work. Please go to

Patrick Hung – Licensed Holistic Practitioner. He has come highly recommended for his work in Acupressure. He can be reached at 416-917-5119 or email him at . House calls are also available.

Katharina von Hugo – Katharina and her husband have started a business centred around GRATITUDE. Please visit their site at

ABSOLUTE ENDURANCE, Training and Therapy – I have visited this training facility. For those who are serious about training for marathons, triathlons and more this is a great place to go. One of the trainers is Merrill Collins and she can be reached at 416-460-7433 or the main # is 416-483-2388. Please go to their website

Dr. Liza B. Weiser – Psychologist – Dr. Weiser takes a very holistic approach to her work. She is very good at working with children. I highly recommend her. She can be reached at 905-889-2679.

889 Yonge – Yoga & Holistic Lifestyle – From my first visit I realized that this place goes far beyond the traditional yoga studio. This is a lifestyle. It is one that centers on environmental and holistic choices. Christine Russell, the Co-Founder, is warm and friendly catering to the needs of her clients. She makes you feel very welcome. The place has been designed to be eco-friendly from the flooring to the toilet paper to the water offered. There are a variety of yoga classes at different levels and intensities. Other services include Body, Facial, Massage, and Ancient Healing Treatments. As well, there is a Doctor Of Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. John Dempster, ND and a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Rose Liu C.M.D., Dr.AC, on the premises. To learn more go to or call 416-925-7206.

Elaine Thompson – I met Elaine through Joanne Morgan (see “my teacher and guide”). Her work comes very highly recommended. I did have a chance to walk through her place of work and see all of the different modalities that she uses in her work. I look forward to having a session with Elaine. Her services include Focusing Practitioner/Trainer, Spiritual Director/Counselor, EAV Practitioner, Body Energy Balancing, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, BioResonance Therapy, Dowing and Energy Clearing. She can be reached at 416-537-7170.

Edna Levitt CPTN-CPT – 50+ FITNESS – I worked with Edna in various fundraising efforts. She is an amazing leader – inspires and empowers. Her transition to the fitness world means that she can take all of her knowledge and awareness and translate into empowerment for her clients. She focuses on the 50+ market. You can reach Edna at 416-226-0218 or email her at

Lauri Taylor: Inspired Wellness – Reconnective Healing Practitioner – I met Lauri through a friend of mine. She is very committed to this style of energy work. I did have a wonderful session and recommend her work. She can be reached at 416-737-5942 or email her at

A Bead of Roses – Lisa M. Rose left the corporate world after a successful career and author of two books, Gumption and Our Family Journey, to start her own business. The business is all about creating the jewelry that you love and will wear. Take a look at her website She is located in Monroe, CT.

Christy Goldfeder – Nuritionist and Life Coach – Christy is based out of New York. I met her through Tom Martin. She recently wrote an article that I will post on my sight. Her insights and awareness are amazing and I look forward to sharing it with you. Please go to her site and see all that she has to offer


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