Reminder – The Star Is Within Us

Posted Thursday, October 1st, 2009. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

During the Jewish New Year I held a service at my house that deviated from the traditional service and captured more of the spiritual side. Myself and Karen Kofman, Co-Founder of, put together a lovely service. There was a component of letting go and releasing and then another part of creating and visualizing. It really was beautiful — it was mixed with chanting, and singing and meditation.

The Story of The Apple Tree…
One woman shared a story (I will repeat it to the best of my abilities) that she reads to her grandchildren each year and it is about a small apple tree that lies amongst all these larger, more beautiful trees. When the apple tree looks up all she can see is sparkles and glistening and stars on the leaves above her – how magnificent if only she can be bigger and have the same on her leaves.
She asks G-d, “when will I be bigger and shine like the stars on the leaves above me?”. G-d answers, “Patience little one you have the same beauty”.

The little apple tree did not feel this way and continues to look up and see all the glitter and beauty and stars on the leaves and branches above her coming from the other trees. She asks the same question again and again. This goes on for a while when finally G-d says, “little tree .. you ask about your beauty compared to the bigger trees above you and the shining stars that you see on the leaves of the bigger trees- it is now time that you understand” – an apple is drawn from her branches and cut in half. G-d turns to the apple tree and says, “little tree what do you see?”

The little tree is perplexed and says to G-d, “I see the picture of a star”. G-d replies, “Yes, little one, for in each one of us is a star waiting to shine — it starts within”.

This is a wonderful story to share with a child and visually show them the star. I suggest that you take an apple and cut it in half and then cut another slice off and you will see one star after the next.

Whether you are young or old this story reminds us that within each of us lies our shining star!

Go for your dreams and shine!

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