Resources To Meet All Needs

This section is where you can gather your knowledge and awareness from an array of self help and motivational books and DVDs to inspiring sites! I have broken this down into different sections: motivational books, spiritual books, children’s books, sites, magazines, dvd’s/movies on-line, courses/teleclasses, and my guide/teachers. There is such a wealth of information that depending on how you like to process information you can choose to read, watch things, or hear messages – There is something for everyone. One day you may find yourself inclined and partial to one type of resource and the next day to something else. Be in the moment and decide. The most important guidance I can offer is to find what works for you: take it, claim it and then make it your own. If you read, see or hear something that you do not like then I encourage you to just “leave it”. If it really bothers you or stirs something inside of you, you may want to ask yourself “why” and explore that.

I want each and every one of you who comes to this site to please give me your suggestions of different resources that made a difference in your life and send it to me – Or consider giving me a critique of a resource that you did find useful and share your experience.


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