Personal Growth and Development Workshops: WHO AM I? to WHO I AM! and Financial Empowerment

I ask that you embrace this by taking baby steps. This is a process and one that has no time limit. This is your journey. Come and join one or all of these 5 workshops. I will post dates for the New Year, 2013, on my site in the “What’s New‘ section. The sessions last approximately 2-2 1/2 hours and cost $60. Te cost is subject to change. Time and place will be indicated at the time.

Below are the 5 subjects/titles and brief descriptions for the workshops.

1. Learn to Set Clear Intentions and Goals
– you can begin this process at any time – make a decision
– understand the difference between intentions and goals
– discover your purpose, core beliefs and values

2. Create Your Vision Board/Affirmations
– this is your roadmap on paper
– visual, auditory, kinaesthetic
– reinforce your vision, goals and dream using different tools

3. De-Cluttering the Mind and Learning to Be Present & In the Moment
– how to deal with your inner critic/inner voice (distractions)
– how to deal with your external critics (distractions)
– 4 tools to help you be PRESENT and focused: breathing, meditating, self hug, and grounding

4. Learn to Set Boundaries and SAY NO
– let go of guilt and worry
– finding and expressing your inner strength
– learn to be authentic to who you are
– say YES this is WHO I AM! Tune out your critics

5. Find Forgiveness and Learn to Let Go
– learn to accept yourself and others for whom they are
– let go physically, emotionally and spiritually

As my work began with women empowerment I understand that some women only like to do workshops with other women. If you have a group of 5-15 women who will like one or more of the above workshops, we can arrange this. You can contact me at

One of the areas I am determined to work with women is in Financial Empowerment.

Financial Empowerment For Women Workshop is one that I am dedicated to and will offer in the New Year, 2013. This workshop is for the woman who has none to very little knowledge of finances. The workshop is designed to reduce fear around finances, money and abundance and show you how you are doing so many of the things you already need to do when considering your finances: budgeting, organizing and so on. I have created a fun workshop that draws on the concept of “YOUR CLOTHES CLOSET” and how you organize this. It is fun and engaging, thought-provoking, and inspiring. At the end of this you will be well on your way to starting your financial empowerment. It is NOT about how to invest rather how to take accountability and responsibility for your finances, decisions, and outcome.

What others have said about Sandra’s Workshops

I was very intrigued by Sandra’s theme of “letting go” at her recent workshop. Who among us has not struggled to extricate ourselves from past hurtful events?
What occurred to me after attending Sandra’s workshop, is that she is very skilled at addressing both the universal and the specific, with respect to human behaviour. While giving us a very clear-cut picture of how the holding in of feelings affects our beings in the physical, emotional as well as spiritual realm, at the same time, she was able to individualize the message in a very clear manner, for each of the participants. I felt certain that each person had come away feeling that the messages were designed especially for her!
Sandra also created a wonderful balance between the output of meaningful material, and the input from the group members. Because the information was presented in a visual, tactile and verbal manner, the ensuing comments and discussion were most relevant and thought provoking.
Sandra’s soft-spoken, well-modulated voice, as well as her empathic and caring manner, made it a most worthwhile evening, one that I certainly hope to participate in again!
-Bonnie Tepperman, Pilate Instructor
I found Sandra’s workshop about Empowerment very practical. It was an energizing evening and Sandra brought the group together to work as a team, where we were able to help one another learn about and practice various empowerment tools. I appreciated that the evening was experientially based, which really helped me to understand the value of using these methods to stay grounded in difficult situations. The 5 tools that she recommends are all easy to use and will help me to feel increased endurance in my day to day life.

Kathryn – teacher


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