Energy Healing Work: Body Energy Work and Reiki

Hi my name is Sandra Finkelstein and for those that have come via my site, my work is about empowerment. It was my through my journey of self-awareness and empowerment that led me to study energy work: Reiki and Body Energy work. I learned to take back my power and become responsible for my health and well being along with my children’s. I will love to be part of your journey of healing, releasing, awakening, self-awareness and most of all creating life balance.

My impetus … the health and wellness of my children
I have been involved in the wellness industry for over 10 years. My greatest impetus comes from my two children. There are many health issues that potentially can impact my children, and I have long searched for ways to protect their health in a preventive way. This has lead me to understand wellness and health and that we have a choice to empower ourselves on our journey of understanding and healing. In my work, I do not heal anyone rather I harness energy and work with the person to allow the body to do what it needs to do in order to heal itself. I personally use these techniques/modalities for myself in my own journey of healing. I love what I do and I look forward to sharing my form of energy work with many of you.

My Energy Reaches Far
While I am in Toronto, Canada and work from home, I have worked with clients via Skype and telephone. These clients reside within Canada, US and international.

My Services Offered:

Body Energy Work

Some people refer to this as Medical Intuition, and you may be familiar with the work of Caroline Myss, a world-renowned Medical Intuitive and author of Anatomy of the Spirit and other books. For me, “body energy work” is the active investigation of our attitudes, memories and beliefs, which can often hold negative patterns that become deeply ingrained in our body, mind, and soul. Our body is wise and it talks to us all of the time; gently reminding us to slow down, wanting us to move forward in our dreams, and bringing forward memories and issues that have long been buried to allow for healing and a release so that we can move forward. In this process, I will gently guide you only to the place that you feel comfortable. The body will know where to take it.

Throughout the process I will suggest different ways to release and let go. You can take what resonates and makes it your own. I am only your guide in this journey.


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and healing. Reiki (“ray-key”) is a spiritual technique for enhancing “life force energy” that flows through our bodies. Negative thoughts, feelings and emotions can create blockages and prevent this life force energy from flowing to certain parts of the body, and Reiki can be used to clear it and restore the flow of energy. I have taken the more traditional style of Reiki and combined it with the energy work that I learned at Transformation Arts College and have come up with my own style. In harnessing the Reiki/Divine energy I work with the body and allow it to do what it is meant to do: release, energize, and/or heal.


$125 for 1 ½ hours – Body Energy Work and Reiki

$100 – 1 hour of Body Energy Work

$90 – 1 hour of Reiki

$45 – ½ hour of Reiki

This can be paid for in person by cash or paid online through PayPal.

Energy Work

These prices are subject to change.


  • Certified Stress and Wellness Consultant, Hans Selye Foundation and the Canadian Institute of Stress (1991)
  • Certification for Medical Intuitive, Guided Imagery and Prayer from Transformational Arts College, Toronto, Canada (Fall 2008)
  • Reiki Level I and II (2008)


Sandra Finkelstein (416) 844-6895 or


Hi Sandra!!
I just had to write to you to say “thank you” again for today!! I was and am completely blown away. Our “session” today has given me such hope, encouragement and confidence that I will reach the light at the end of the tunnel.
I felt so amazing after leaving you but the true confirmation came when I picked up Galya from school. Usually, she greets me with a big hug and a “Hey Mom!” But to day she stopped short in her tracks and said “Mom, what’s going on…you’re smiling?!” I had to bolt out of the school before I burst into tears. :)))
I started reading the book you loaned me and was so moved that I ran out tonight and bought a copy for myself.
Thank you, Thank you for finding your way into my life. You are a true inspiration, a beautiful woman (inside and out) and I’m so looking forward to seeing you again.

Dvorah, Toronto, Canada

I recently met with Sandra for a session for both Body Energy Work and Reiki. I had a severe sharp pain in my lower left back that hurt every time I moved. During our Body Energy work session, Sandra facilitated me to really look at and feel what was causing the pain. She guided me by using imagery, my intuition and feelings to discover what the root cause was and to really listen to what my body was telling me. Often times its not the actual physical pain that needs to be looked at, however, it’s usually a sign for attention to a part of yourself that you have been ignoring. After I had addressed the inner cause or root of my pain, Sandra helped me release and heal it. After doing this, the sharp pain had immediately disappeared and I was left with what felt like a small wound that needed healing. Immediately after, Sandra performed Reiki to align my energies and to focus on the healing of that leftover wound. I felt really aligned and energized and peaceful after and the “wound” pain had totally disappeared. My back was back normal within an hour of being with Sandra! She is truly an amazing healer and guide. I highly recommend her.~

Allison Morin, Toronto, Canada

“I saw Sandra on the recommendation of another practitioner. I also had a friend who was benefiting from her treatments. I was very interested in learning about and experiencing this intuitive method. I had experienced pain and tightness in between my shoulder blades for 10 years. Just after two sessions the symptoms were relieved. I was really surprised how quickly this problem shifted and the healing took effect.I was also impressed with the confidence I felt in Sandra, and how quickly I was able to relax and participate in the healing. I felt Sandra had a very grounded nature and was very relaxed and comfortable with her work. Sandra is blessed with an amazing talent to help others reach their full potential. I not only was relieved of the pain in my shoulder I have met someone I consider a friend. I highly recommend anyone go and meet with her and experience a session. ”

Angie Brake

I have recently had the pleasure of receiving both Intuitive healing and Reiki from Sandra who has helped me with some long-term health situations. Sandra’s empathetic nature helped me feel comfortable and at ease to open up to some very personal and painful issues. We were able to explore and identify some potential causes for what triggered my problems and created a working set of positive affirmations for me to incorporate into my daily life. The biggest one for me personally was keeping me “grounded” to achieve balance of my mind, body and soul.
My Reiki with Sandra was a wonderful and relaxing experience and I felt very comfortable with her natural intuition to focus on key areas around my body – helping to clear some much needed blockage!
This is really someone you can trust to share and be part of your well-being journey – and a great friend too. Thanks a million Sandra! Best wishes.

Tim Jones

(Long distance Reiki work)

With stress coming at me from a number of directions, I’ve been searching for a way to find my “calm center,” from which I can handle these many challenges.  After a Reiki phone session with Sandra Finkelstein, I immediately felt not only a new sense of peace and serenity, but also a new sense of power to deal with the factors that had previously been leading to this great stress.  Remarkably, I felt a great “energetic connection” during this phone session, as strong as if we had been working together in person — and this new sense of peace and power has continued ever since that session.

Tom Martin
Ridgefield, Connecticut

(Body Energy work – local and long-distance)
I’ve had the opportunity to work with Sandra Finkelstein on two Different occasions — once in person in her Toronto office, and once by phone — and both experiences were powerful and transformative. With Sandra’s guidance, I was able to tap into the way my body was reflecting stress and anxiety. In very short amount of time, she helped me understand why my mind and body were acting as they were, and helped me easily reach a state of peaceful liberation and joy. Sandra clearly has a gift for facilitating amazing transformation, and I look forward to working with her again soon!

Tom Martin
Ridgefield, Connecticut

Sandra introduced me to a creative and gentle process of connecting within myself.  The guided imagery accompanied by the medical intuitive exercise was incredible, I opened up and discovered untouched and abandoned parts of myself by Sandra guiding me to deeper places in the body and asking me to describe how they feel and look like. There is a wealth of information that exists if you trust it and allow it to be expressed. This is only the beginning and so far I have loved it!  I am looking forward to further exploring this process.  Thank you Sandra!!

Caitriona Keown

“Having never experienced a Reiki session, I was a bit apprehensive, but Sandra immediately put me at ease by explaining the basis of this “life force energy” technique for stress reduction and relaxation. I found her knowledge and strong, yet gentle touch, to be both reassuring and relaxing, and her intuition, uncanny. It’s evident that Sandra’s passion lies in the health and well-being of her clients, and is realized both in her discipline of studies and her boundless enthusiasm!”

Donna, Toronto, Canada

After “Energy Sessions” with Sandra, I felt very relaxed and at ease. During our sessions together, Sandra recommended several strategies I could use to better cope with my anxiety. I have found these strategies to be very useful! I would highly recommend that anxious individuals, such as myself, work with Sandra and learn to relax more and cope better with our sometimes stressful and busy lives. Sandra Finkelstein is passionate about her work and beliefs. She cares deeply about people.

Jodi Fraser, Toronto, Canada


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