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Last night I drove downtown to one of the hotels to attend a workshop for ‘high impact speaking for high income entrepreneurs’. The meeting was in one of the downstairs hotel rooms and there were about 60 people attending. A lot of them were from IPEC which is a coaching program. As I am doing a lot more speaking I thought this will be helpful.

The speaker was Steve Lowell. He is very accomplished and I was excited to hear what he had to say. I sat in the front row ready to take notes. I forgot what it’s like to attend some of these speakers. While he has a lot to say he gives you just enough to learn something but not to do a business overhaul (for some — I learned what I need to incorporate into my work). He is there to up sell his programs and he will tell you that. Yes, he is successful and he has helped a lot of people increase their income, which is great…. I guess for me I haven’t been in that ‘old school experience’ in a while — up sell.

So he did bring up a few guinea pigs to try his formula of success and that was interesting and I did learn a few great tips that I will be applying today to my work. As we came closer to the end he offered his mentoring program fro $97/mo or you can do more private work for more money and he is doing a workshop that is much for hands on for $997 on Oct. 20th at the Courtyard Marriott Toronto downtown.

I laugh because he did do something right as I am sharing his work. I do recommend those in the Toronto or GTA area to consider this hands-on workshop. I don’t know if I’ll attend.

I did have a chance to talk to him after about his experience with the millennial youth. He said that they are not his target as they have a short attention span. I concur.

From my experience, the youth, regardless of socio-economic background – do not communicate effectively. In fact part of Steve’s program focuses on body language which is a huge part of your communication yet our children do not understand this as they rarely to ever pick up a phone or do the ‘face-to-face’ communication — it’s all texting.

So I wonder at what point will Steve find himself at crossroads. My intention is to make sure our youth understand the importance of ALL parts of communication – words, tone of voice and body language with the last two representing 93% value. Our children’s success to compete and shine – as Steve says demonstrate a perceived differential to their counterparts – is tied up in their ability to brand themselves, share their core competencies and be able to demonstrate their value added.

It is going to be an interesting road and one that I am prepared to take. Who knows I may use Steve to coach me.

For the parents out there, please do what you can to get your children talking to you face-to-face or even by phone. I realize a task at hand.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

All my love,

Sandra Finkelstein

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