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Whether you were on holidays or not last week, once Labour Day hit is seems like it’s time to re-focus and get back to work. This is the third quarter, Q3, for businesses and where the last few months will add to the year’s success or not.

For me, I have challenged myself this summer in a few areas and now it’s time to focus in on exactly what I want. I want to come from a place of self-respect and honour – my worth – whether it is in my personal or my professional life. I have surrounded myself by people who are guiding me on the next leg of my journey. On my visions board I have a picture of my feet and as I said before it is time to put two feet in.

We just had the full moon and next week will approach the new moon – for me it is a time for creating. I will take some time and really begin to clarify exactly what I want. I ask that you take this time to do the same. It may start with de-cluttering your home, office, or even your mind. You cannot change what has happened in the last few months, weeks, days or even minutes. BUT… you can be in the moment and look at what you have learnt, what accomplishments you have achieved and how each choice and action is a step towards OR away from where you want to be.

The one thing I definitely have a challenge with is ‘letting go of the how’. We are taught to not just set goals rather to outline the process or steps to achieve it. It is good to have action steps however we must remember to not get caught in our process as the universe has its own path and way of showing us.

Enjoy this time. I know many people going through issues and the “stuff” is surfacing for a reason. One thing I did think about is that if I do the same actions, have the same thought patterns, I will come out with the same result. This is not what I want. I am really looking at my actions, my thoughts and what outcome I desire.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Please take the time to really consider what it is that you want to achieve in the next three months. It is never to early to start nor too late to change something.
As I always say, it takes baby steps. Two feet in!! Go for it.

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