One-on-One/Small Group Services Offered

Every aspect of my work centers around Empowerment: personally, professionally and corporately. In this section I want to highlight the individual, the person, the self. When I work with the individual one-on-one or in a small group the focus is the ME — the inner self; going within and reconnecting and/or finding your inner strength. I describe it as being on a path that starts with the question WHO AM I? and through this journey discovering and awakening your truth: WHO I AM!

There are two ways that I inspire and motivate my clients in this journey:

1) Through my motivational and inspirational personal workshops that are held in small groups in Thornhill, Canada or can be located in other parts of Toronto if you have a group already in place. See the workshops listed below.

2) As a Reiki and body energy work practitioner, I am trained in body energy work after completing level I & II of Reiki as well as a Certificate in Medical Intuition Basics. Read More… This work is all about empowering the client.

You will also find client testimonials.

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