Seth Godin: Most advice is bad advice

Posted Friday, December 14th, 2012. Filed Under Corporate - Tips/Tools Blog

I wanted to share this piece of advice:

Most advice is bad advice…
People mean well, especially friends and family, but they’re going to give you bad advice.

This leads to two challenges as you strive to create original work that matters:

1. Ignore their advice, even the well-meant entreaties that you stick with the status quo


2. Try to discern the actually useful good advice, so you don’t insulate yourself in the bubble of the self-deluded. In general, this good advice pushes you to go faster, or to do things that make you uncomfortable.

PS the irony of this post is not lost on me.


I am working with a mentor and he has given me good advice. One piece of advice he gave, didn’t feel right for me and I have decided to go with my gut. While I value all the advice given to me I know that my answers lie within and I need to decipher the truth, for me.

Find your voice, your truth and then follow it. Take what resonates and then make it your own.

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